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Of a of lolly and they've got some really cool mass adoption really integrate ables integrative stuff that I think the audience is really going to enjoy when you shop so there's really two experience says right now and there's going to be a lot more over the next few months we just started work on our mobile APP that's GonNa make it even easier when you knock that out bro it's going to be I'm I'm personally yeah I just started using the first version and I'm like Oh my God people are going to earn so much bitcoin it's crazy and people were ready like earning a lot with our web application. I think they'll people still shop on web I think they're spending way more on Web and they're they're booking travel on ab which is a is a huge category so I think a lot of people as you and I talked about before they think will I don't shop that much on Web I only the store I get my groceries but if you think about it most people will book travel on our partners like priceline hotels Dot Com dot com have actually been a some of our best performing merchants and people can earn a lot of bitcoin back especially if they're traveling for work the holidays that kind of thing well and that's a great point you know and honestly you can double reward yourself here by taking the your credit card whatever you know capita one points the pay credit card I mean if you're going for work in someone's paying off for you right you can double up on those awards it's crazy all right so alex you going to any conferences like how do people like interact with lolly I think there's a lot that that you guys offer as far as simplicity in the use case or what is going on right and now you're not a blockchain you're just utilizing the BITCOIN blockchain to be able to reward people I think this is very interesting I think it's an asset obviously that I would encourage people to tape pay attention to how are you reaching New People like what what is this I mean is it we're going to conferences we're letting people know word of mouth how you marketing what's what's your strategy going forward what we and really active on twitter and getting it out to Bitcoin believers and To begin with because I think to get it to the masses you have to enable people who already even bitcoin you have to give them the tools to be able to share with with lots of more people so in the first few months it was a lot of Bitcoin is that we're like obsessed Lawley in that were like thing it like crazy and and that was amazing because they shared it with all their friends and family and so now we're we're we're sitting probably about like you know it's tough to really tap tell for about fifty percents of our users have never had quit before are just getting time on the other fifty percent are issues there's your cracking users and these are people who are ready had bitcoin just like I would rather have bitcoin over cash and they're choosing to like ebay's or or other aspect days I love it man you know I even love the way that you know people who don't own bitcoin right now to introduce them to this on this level sway in this simplistic ways to use it I mean these are holders to write these aren't people that are gonNA come in make fifty cents with Bitcoin transfer to the coin base and the cash out because you can't even cash out fifty cents right I mean obviously I'm being generic and the rewards are tremendously more than fifty cents potentially right but you know if you're I mean I I can't do you have any times I'm online I'm shopping I see something I want I like I mean I don't know if you have the APP wish I wish I didn't have the APP wish because I get on there and sources like ai sorts all the cool knives and the flashlights that I could I mean I I love look I'll buy a flat a week you know just because I think they look sites stacked around my house I might just case the goes out I'm going to have fifty five flashlights never you know but I mean I I get lost in that and you know when I get a good deal when I see something that I liked and I and I also like to collect coins and whatnot you know I'm on the Internet searching actively I typically am on my mobile device but you know you guys you're you're answering that question as you speak as you just your apple's coming out now new bitcoin owners giving their hands free bitcoin allowing them to have a first introduction not only in my opinion Alex is that a really big deal that's exactly how I want bitcoin to be perceived by people coming into the space not that it's free but how simple how easy and how normal it is to get and this normalizes crypto this normalizes bitcoin specifically and allows that conceptualization from the average Joe who's never used bitcoin maybe saw it on the news to see hey wow I've got bitcoin right even if it goes down right now we all know bitcoin he's goes back up right now we have an all always gone back up to the all time high at this point but I don't think we'll ever be saying that for at least much longer I don't think we'll have that worry now let me ask you a kind of a personal question how often are you using lally I am addicted and it's it's got a bad like I will watch shop in store because we don't have in store right now I'm I'm biased though so I feel like I'm a super user and my home the whole channel that's just like how we're using the product and I think it's a good thing to be on channel I want to see some crazy stacks Blue like figure out hack that you can do in different ways in which you could like stack on top of it and Mercer Yeah so there's there's like I mean we we thousand merchants so there's a lot of merchants where if you really took the time to we're the ones getting the merchants and so we're like okay we'll get go like use it and I've actually feel like I'm probably a bad example I actually never encourage people to spend more than on things that they need of course you clearly when when you get that urge to buy a flashlight flashlight flashlight I might do one right now while we're on my flashlights keep going but I play this game with with a friend on another podcast he was like they they they named ten things like is random as possible I think from his wives Amazon shopping list and it was like a Himalayan Saul facemask and they will bite it Raleigh and I was able to find all time things it will allow under fifteen seconds and it will surprise me other shit I don't know if you will do this but ended up beyond do it so I think just about anything that anyone wants you if you ask US your life look for you invited one of our thousand merchants cool is if one day like we actually do the livestream can actually screen share and we could we could do demonstration because I have to do it because to me this interview is more I mean obviously I'm happy to make sure that lally get some exposure is not a sponsored in any way so the audience at home knows I came to them there's no exchange of anything it was literally just request for me to interview on interview Alex it based off of the the the really just the honest use case right I think it's really important that we share this with our friends and family the people who don't know Bitcoin I mean yes I want and Bitcoin to use lally I hope nothing success for lally because the bigger gets the more people will be using it but what I really want is I want people are listening to tell everybody else that's not in bitcoin about volley think it's a wonderful an easy experience for people to be able to use and like you just said it's not just the fact that like that you can get bitcoin it's that these people are probably giving you pretty good deals enticing you like you said to not use Amazon to not go to Walmart you know these are opportunities for you to shop and get the same things that you want to be rewarded and potentially even get a discount from from the the from the actual vendor in themselves now what I think is also really awesome is that to what you just said is if you go scroll through amount of partners it is I don't think I've gotten to the end I mean it's really long it's got to continuously update how many sponsor how many sponsors how many partners you have in this we have last I counted I think has nine sixty six thousand we're like working really hard to get there over the next few months but yes I I love to be challenged I think there's a few things that we don't let you buy it's like you can't buy a house on Lally bitcoin back unfortunately goal I'm working on getting a car merchant that's like South Harz Online's goodbye card give bitcoin back his name's Phil drum trying to get a few more but pretty much anything that you're looking for whether it's groceries travel clothing books pet supplies like you name it and office supplies is really big in just about everything that you're looking for we can find and you can give it back on you know as Lawley becomes more popular as user start coming in as downloads and obviously the use case you know not just gets bigger but it gets more extensive because DOPP Tunisia that will fall in line with what law is already doing you know you're just gonNa keep having more opportunities you're going to shift you're GonNa Change directions gonNa work do you see anything just from right now is there obviously I know you guys have company goals and those might even for the most part relatively private not saying that there's anything to hide but what are some public goals that you guys have stated or do you see certain things happening or are you trying to get to a certain place we're trying to get more countries international who was going to be a big initiative over the next few years so I think that Bitcoin tenure head start where they're in every country like everybody can use it it's it's like we want to fit within the ethos of Bitcoin and as a small scrappy startup it's difficult to expand internationally overnight so you companies do it successfully and we don't want to fail because we've expanded to much so finding that right balance where we're at a good place where we can expand international aid right now we're working really hard on on Canada's probably the next place that will expand to a lot of similar merchants we've done really well with those merchants and we've proven the use case that I think we can have competitive rates going into Canada and going through all the legalities of of with Fincen and thing to be able to legally operate in Canada is going to be a big hurdle that we have to get over and then expanding elsewhere so I will probably open it up to our community a lot of our community members even if they can't use lally our international they just love the idea as you said and so they're begging for us to bring it to their country so you know we want to expand their as quickly as possible the other thing is mobile shopping right now little shopping makes up about thirty to forty percent of all shopping so we went with the biggest pop part of the Pie and and people were shopping wet and were able to serve them with a thousand merchants on web server real use case they are mobile is something we're going to be watching over the next three months that I'm personally really excited about and it's GonNa get bitcoin in the hands of people and like right now people a huge purchases are molly and get a lot of coin back and so with with mobile people are going to be making lower purchase purchases like lower how to get this solved If you could get earned bitcoin for every day that you go get coffee every time you go get fries from McDonald's those sorts of experiences SAM's Club I mean Roku you got Microsoft I mean Logitech this is just for like you know I just pulled it up I clicked on computers and electronics things that are relevant somewhat to the space I mean these are big names Alex has done a great job you know bring in like when you if you had a bunch of stores nobody'd ever heard of base somewhere in middle I know where it might be one thing but these are legitimate office depot macy's Barnes and Nobles Verizon Wireless folks this is awesome this is if you're not using this what the heck are you doing and I mean.

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