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News that I read that I thought was. Really good on their. Website Fox News dot com Democrats civil war fury over Trump's summit threatens. To expose new party divisions. This is what Trump does, I've always told you. This and I always will By his nature he forces you to pick a side. There are no fence sitters with, him and so it forces the froth to come up by compared to popping a pimple not trying to be gross but you've got you. Nobody's, hiding on this one you know you make. It known where you stand because there's no, in between and that's that's the good thing about him actually really like that it's really really cool and it's just unlike any. Other politician we've ever. Had truthfully there were some people on or maybe it was the Whoopi. Goldberg piece that was earlier. Today when she was freaking, out on judge Janine I don't have a one of them were said we've never had anyone this is never been yes Yes you're right this has never been done we've never had anybody. Like this you're right and we love that and, the average American in. The middle likes it. Too You know what the. Vote, about abolishing. Ice they changed it and. This is so stupid what idiot. Change it. To they were going to have a resolution to abolish ice within a year And then they changed it. To we'll just vote for a support of out of support for fries Literally one hundred. One, hundred and. Thirty, three congressman voted against supporting ice I'm sorry thirty five voted against supporting ice no they voted no. We, will not vote on the record to support. Is thirty five one Republican and. Thirty four Democrats no we will not support ice one hundred, thirty three Democrats voted present as in we're. Not taking a side is officers..

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