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Hilltop in Idaho, was filled with grief pain and fear. Over the previous two days. The weavers only son fourteen year old Sammy had been killed in an exchange of gunfire with a team of US marshals. Sammy's mother Vikki had been shot dead by an F B I sniper family friend, Kevin Harris have been shot in the chest. He was drifting in and out of consciousness and Randy Weaver the fugitive. The government was after had taken a bullet in the arm. Ten month old Alicia needed care the two older daughters needed comfort and their mother's body was wrapped in a blanket by the kitchen table. Meanwhile, just outside the Weaver property, a different kind of fervor was building at the barriers police set up to block access to the Weaver house. Protesters have gathered at the roadblock about three miles from the Weaver's cabin and whenever vehicle go five supporters left their outrage show. Crashed to the Y. In addition down to worrying about Randy Weaver's wife teenage children at newborn baby in the cabin federal agents. Now, must worry how these local residents will react if there is violence on the mountain. The protesters who arrived at the police roadblock, included, friends and neighbors of the weavers including Tony and Jackie Brown. Who we heard from in our last episode? He wants to be left alone wants to be a separatist. They're creating the problem in your blood gets shed. It's on their hands on his. Alongside Randy's friends were dozens of other protesters and that crowd grew by the day. They were a rag tag group, and they weren't all there for the same reasons. Thank lewd skinheads and Neo Nazis. Plus disillusioned Vietnam veterans anarchists.

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