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Better get mako a reminder to stay with us for the Sunday night football halftime report with Scott grams got will check all the scores and highlights from week fourteen of the NFL season that's coming up at the half alongside rob Watson I'm Kevin Kugler rams on the move two minutes to go in this first half leading fourteen to three Jared Goff what I have thirteen of one hundred sixty eight yards and a touchdown his favorite target again Tyler he before catches for seventy three yards first and ten at the Seattle twenty seven yard line and now we've got a whistle a stoppage in play the cheerleaders are still on the field hi in the play in the end zone jumping up and down because Madison choose a name to the fourteen one son hockey we had to sit in the a field near sighted there it was fired up to Madison Kay and congratulations to her but now is a game going on there AT are delicious put in the opposite direction so the cheerleaders have now moved the celebration behind the end zone first and the twenty seven yard line Todd Gurley is the single back motion from left to right by Reynolds golf under center turns and gives the girly cuts it back to the number to tackle the twenty five it is down at the twenty one yard line given the twenty he had a green to get in the line of scrimmage buddies through the ankle tackle picks up yardage to the twenty seven yard gain on the fly I like this game plan by some very standard twelve personal two tight ends two receivers because now you take your best pass rushers for the Seattle Seahawks thank you move about three more yards so that's going to get your golf more room in this running game is dental point with this on the one twenty five remaining in the first half second in three of the Seattle twenty yard line for the lands Watson motion from left to right now back he goes to the left side and on second down going to Kerry again currently forward to the eighteen yard line has a yard shy the first down here and read on the tackle and Pete Carroll runs out on the field and calls timeout for Seattle first time out by the sea hawks stopping the clock with one ten to go in the first half and he knows that this is really big stop coming under because Los Angeles won the toss and elected to further the football to start the second half as well or minor you could wasn't wasn't ones live.

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