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But it's just reminded me. There was on the first day. We did. It was Richard E Graham, Michael Parkinson might dad before the show had said can I invite someone and I said to and he said, well, just can I am by someone. It depends on who it is who you thinking of inviting. I dunno one. Yeah. Available. But I like to know who you're bringing to the show, and I said you can bring anyone except on call surrender. All right. All right because I'm into always kind just gets involved. And also he has the largest turban in history. It was like the motherships and independence day. And he said, no, no snow so go onto the show. I welcome say Hello to the audience. I first thing I noticed road three. Mothership with unconcerned the run. Denise it dangling underneath his turban. And so it became a someone who's going to boil you buy just drifted back to this huge turban and afterwards, I was dreading him approaching. I the Richard E ground Michael Parkinson, it'd be sent to my dad's just keep him in the corner here. Let his. Glossop whatever, and I was talking to Michael Parkinson. And as I'm talking to him, I say shadow. He's face. Oh, no. Mr. Parkinson by told you. I think it works though. Because I mean, obviously lots races put together, but it's just like any family..

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