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Tara sound. They're terrible. Not as good as another classic. Tony award moment. Bb newer leading everybody, and all that jazz from Chicago. What? And that. As of stockings. And that that's, that's great. And also other one sees member. This one Natalie seasons. Love from rent MO my favorites. Absoulutely. Nineteen ninety six. Now. That's good. And what was so poignant about that was Jonathan Larson, who wrote rent he died. Right. The night of the dress rehearsal when off Broadway. So he did not live to see rent sweep the Tony awards that year and his sister, Julie Larsen, who know she had to get up and accept the award for book score and best musical for her brother, who had died at thirty five years old. And that's that's Tony moment. Absolutely. And then there's another classic one. So the first Broadway show advertise a kid was Anne, at our remember watching the Tony words and the brilliant Dorothy, Loudon singing, easy street. Back in nineteen seventy seventy seven. Yeah. And there was a sad moment for Dorothy Loudon too, because you member Len. The Norman Paris trio jazz, musicians Norman Norman Paris was famous jazz bandleader, and he endorsed Loudon had been lovers for many, many years. But Norman Paris was married and he was deeply Catholic, so he would not get a divorce from his wife and then his wife died, and he Dorothy were able to get married and he died nine months after they got married. She was starring Anne Broadway won the Tony word about last night. There was a moment of, for example, this actress Allie, stroke, she's in a wheelchair. She's the first ever win. Tony, she appears in Oklahoma. And she won Finally, I need to think my home team, my best friends who have held my hand. Hands and pulled me around New York City for years, helping me on top of that Ridgewood, New Jersey. Yeah. Yeah. Very good, Natalie girl, local girl, so good for good for at least the paper mill playhouse. All those excerpts that we played from the best Tony words circle of life from the lion. King easy street from any rent Chicago. They're all on our website, seven ten W O, R dot com slash Lennon, Michael. They're all the excerpts from the Tony words back in those days when they did great numbers on the show. I was very disappointed in most of the numbers that they put on last night. I did not think that those numbers share you love that show. I, I did not think that the things seemed off to me the tempo was off. I just didn't think it was very good. What's this thing? You pulled from nineteen eighty two. Oh, this is the best of all time. This is Jennifer Holliday singing. And I'm going from Dreamgirls. I saw that show. Eighty eighty two. Oh my God. Let me tell you. I was in.

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