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Are you an employee who sometimes wonders if you're being paid accurately for all the hard work hours? You're putting in. Hi, this is Barney Aldridge with hourly pro dot com. The days of chasing down employees for time cards are over our mobile app for you and your employees smartphone seamlessly. Connect the dots between time cards payroll managing employees and workman's comp are apple now's you to see exactly where your people are using GPS. See you a task they're working on watch your payroll and taxes, adding up by the hour, even run payroll and lower your workman's comp insurance all from your phone. Put this powerful new tool in your hands right now for only twenty nine dollars a month in six dollars per employee. Go to hourly pro dot com eliminate any conflicts or questions from employee's regarding the number of hours worked and overtime. And guess what? We're nice people to so go down. Hourly pro dot com and gopro with your business. That's hourly H O U R, L, Y pro dot com. Hey, everybody. Brian Murphy here talking about my friends at provident credit union where membership is full of advantages like they're super reward checking account. Yeah. You received two point zero one annual percentage yield free access ATM's nationwide and ATM fee rebates. I'll say it again that's two four zero one percent on a checking account what an advantage tack on their visa signature credit card that busy one point five percent cashback on all purchases and no annual fee, and you have the perfect combination. Open an account today. Take advantage of all that providence has to offer with their two point zero one percent AP y super reward checking account and cash back credit card. Visit provident checking dot com, that's provident checking dot com and open an account to day rate, effective, February twenty two twenty nine thousand nine. Federally insured by the NCUA visit providence checking dot com. Once again, the website is provident checking dot com for terms and conditions..

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