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Few months before he was messing around with a woman and the woman's husband gave him a bottle of poisoned whisky while there is a blues singer staff yeah so he's out of the program one with thank concert rolls around december 13th nineteen 38 here we go this was a concert if you could have been there you wanted to be there dan john hammond is the mc than i we have writer and he walks the crowd through the chronology starting with the spiritual on bougie wouldbe benny goodman and count basie orchestra and it gets up entails will the big surprise of you and so what he said although unfortunately this part was not recorded was to bring you the sky that i discovered recently robert johnson and we just found out that he died but i still want you to hearing and we're gonna play a couple of his best songs has play he played on a phonograph record and mike to through the pa system right there on lighter onstage drops a needle and he proclaimed one of them was preaching blues which averaged maybe mother mm and you can just imagine spellbound kinkel in this audience mm carrying a recommend play the finger it was ranked army shanta magician grant i mean what a remarkable fleet and that was innocence robert shanties and he's not in a sense it was his introduction loses debut it's so ghostly yeah what's most obvious is his absence now at this point there is no method the devil in the crossroads all you got his music sung by a guy who's not in the room but the seat was planet and that's evil bloom in the weirdest way twenty two years later so let me just fastforwarded see for 1930 eight two about 1960 threes before no one really listen to robert joss not too many of his records were in circulation nose were years and people really do these like twist hot on a happy records then as a slide into the '60s people get tired of that stuff and they start getting in a folk music the aim among kingston trio caixin trio pc girl these guys from so john hammond the he had his finger on the pulse of what was going on he knew he had just signed bob dylan fifty on the baby in dillon's first record as you can hear was kind of bluziene place so hammond thought maybe now is.

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