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I thought about you last night of the dead so I get was it in anger no no no was it something I tweeted not all now it was I I was just thinking about I wasn't thinking about Leri Kruger you're thinking about the guy was gorgeous who knows me still makes me laugh running with the bulls in Pamplona the guy will get gored who's a bear this yesterday show guide that actually is a friend of a friend if you can believe it some and the story that Larry told me and and told you yesterday makes them getting gored at Pamplona on day one makes a lot more sense by the way running of the bulls day for will let you know who messed with the bulls and got the hordes of Pamplona stable do them a bit later on in the show but I wasn't thinking about Lee recruited a talk show host I wasn't thinking about Leri Kruger with a blue check mark next to his name on Twitter I was thinking about Leri Krueger life long giants fan because when willow Smith got tattooed by Joey Gallo all I can think of is Leri going on giants pitcher just can't catch a break at the start once I write I'm yelling you I hear what I said I'm like at least three can occur there's also news nineteen eighty three all over again and then watch and Freddie Lynn the circle of bases pictures have had really bad luck in in you know the the mid summer classic I don't have all the numbers in front of me I got the numbers in front of you thanks to great Brisbane our good friend and excellence chronicle are of all things giants if if my to dot com giants pitchers in the all star game from nineteen fifty eight to nineteen eighty two forty one innings pitched one point seven six ERA five in in those all star games that you're out to do the whole keep an open what year fifty eight to eighty two so you didn't some Maricel in their good you didn't I mean listen from you know sixty to Maricel sixty three Perry sixty three because they used to to alternate sixty three to sixty six yeah Michelle you just keep going back and forth back and forth back and forth via blue in their set up by the blue discount drama Fusco in there then you get two giants pitchers in the all star game nineteen eighty three to presents Gary Lavelle Jerry at Lee hamburgers you mention number Bo Jackson going to yak yak in eighty nine Hey Daddy of soul that was an incredible clout to my crew called by god I mean he just went and got the thing a salute to highlight long ago before we started things in about a strike zone well Jackson read memo Jackson went and got the thing and drop that bad boy about forty fifty feet away from the point in some ways ride Bo Jackson is the most incredible if I you know if I'm like a hundred if I ever make it to like a hundred years old I got my great grand kids gathered around the bed they say great grandfather woo hoo hoo spores should you see that you just are you just amazed by I probably would start with Bo Jackson absolutely I have been for me Bo Jackson was crazy there's nothing like Bo Jackson he's the greatest I my mind even knows a short amount of time he's the greatest athlete the second half of twenty twentieth century all right all ball respected Muhammad Ali I think he's our Jim Thorpe our house gonna save your phone way one day and even though it's a small amount of Bo Jackson we got to see what we did get to see is on tape so for anybody who who takes about Jackson's just some math I'm not talking about Bo Jackson is a professional baseball player or a professional running back Donnell was bill Jackson offer all right when all they did was give him the ball and everybody knew he was getting the ball you still could not do anything about that what a way to thirty five I mean he was he was just he was granted he ran for one nine he was even more one nine credit matching of Todd Gurley was also an all star center field and all star left fielder is more or less so you got to your request will got to touch up by Bo Jackson but you got to ride back so there you got to rob man so Jason Schmidt made some all star appearances he threw a couple innings but he also drilled again ahead for that one I thought about this last night as I was had to sleep and I chuckled myself to night night I forgot about Tim Lincecum supposed to pitch at Yankee Stadium he was sick and someone to come had the flu yeah what do we ever get to the bottom of the bottom of that story I mean we never got to the bottom of it but go ahead use your powers of deductive reasoning to figure out what happened when it when a twenty something young man with a lot of success is in New York City for big party and he is unable to show up for work the next day are you know I'm just saying just you know you use what available context clues you have and come to that conclusion and out as you would talk about will Smith's last night so dies pictures in the all star game from nineteen eighty three to present T. innings pitched a row bust nine even E. R. A. O. N. for one loss record release for there's no doubt about the one hit last night it wasn't one of those I maybe creep over it hello down the hall as Paul electives Joey Gallo job like goodness all told lightning and a year ago Joey Joey Gallo was like borderline major leaguer I mean it's like a two hundred hitter he's like almost on the interstate and now he's quite a bit better if you get hit home runs average no matter and his average improved he just you know he's a he's of dramatically improve player yeah that one out that was as a no doubter as a no doubter I think they denounce will Smith's name yet Gallo's already circled the bases it's pretty good all star game last night you know I enjoyed it it wasn't it was not like scintillating I wasn't it was one of those games where I'd say all yeah I'll remember that forever I'll probably forget about a lot of the things I saw last night probably with it before the end of the week can I tell you what I enjoyed I enjoyed the players being miked up and being interviewed during the middle of the day I don't know if I will see in my lifetime I think you will see it I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon because the Major League Baseball Players Association would have to agree to it which means they would have to get the players to agree to it and if it's not about money it's gonna be hard to get the players to agree to anything you unilaterally within the Major League Baseball Players Association but if you could have guys miked up and talk to them in game and you can share them have conversations on the field during the game I'd be all over that let me ask you this what all over that what's better what's better for the fans to have a game played tonight that we're hearing live Mike's as it's being played or like the highlight reel of that where you have guys might but then it's like a once a week show and it's like I'm so they can edit it out so okay no one drops anything terrible out there nobody says anything it's going to get him in trouble nobody says anything I I live in they all but you're getting a lot more of it I do what they want organic or do you want it I'm greedy I wanted or just want that live I'm glad I wanted I wanted to live and I wanted in the moment that would enhance my enjoyment of watching a rank and file sort of every day baseball game but I understand understanding however that it's gonna be hard for players who are used to not being heard on the field it's going to be hard for those guys to say we're about that because it's they're going to feel encumbered they're going to feel uncomfortable so the compromise is you get a weekly or a twice weekly show where the best sound you know like you do in the NFL like they do in NASCAR take it all the radio chatter and they put it into a thirty minute or an hour sure forget exactly what it is and obviously the NFL is the best at it with you know with I'm a fan of my side of the NFL and a lot of miked up all watch it every week we are lucky because watching a sporting event now is crystal clear with H. D. for four K. HD the visual is there is great hope for me what enhances watching sports on television is the sound and I'm not worried about B. S. coaches interviews in between quarters sort of talking to managers in between innings I'm talking about hearing what's going on on the field of play because for sixty seventy years we've all seen baseball games football games basketball games what have you the visual is there even though the visual is much better now than what it used to be because of each state but to get that sound when I was there.

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