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This has got to be a joke. So what I'm gonna talk about is. We got a first trailer for movie called Pokomo on the -tective Pika chew. That's right. Is a live action movie. It's a brand new trainer. I don't believe. It's like, you know, as sure Brock or missed your any. Transit someone brand new hits live action and one of the weirdest things. But this show that really made me question. It's real it's it's you know, like honesty is Ryan Reynolds is in this movie and take a wild guess who he plays it because I wouldn't have guessed this thousand and years until seeing the chiller myself is he at the voices Pika chew. That's right. That's Ryan Reynolds is doing a lot of things right now. He's doing once upon a dead pool. He's doing a remake of clue he's doing any movie called stoned alone. Which is supposed to be like another part of. I think I I don't know if it's a comedy another part of the home alone trill you so he's doing a lot of interesting things. But I think this one really takes the cake it just does. So the basic premise of this movie is this like, there's, you know, Pokemon everywhere. And this guy wants to put this kid. Probably teenagers more correct wants to be Pokemon trainer and he stumbles upon Pika chew. But he can actually hear Pika to talk. You know, hence Ryan Reynolds, you know, when it when he talked when he talks to pitcher pitcher talks to him. You hear Ryan Reynolds voice. Now anybody else for whatever reason just hearing other Pika Pika, that's all they hear they and that's a different voice, by the way. It's not run Reynolds. So it's basically a film, you know, where it's like he's getting ready to be a Pok on master or wants to be Pokemon master, we see late gigli puff in this. We see charred who else. Do we see a couple Pok Mon in the live action? You know area. There's a lot of action in this. There's some fight scenes. I don't even know if we see villain in this. But maybe I'm not sure. But anyways, so. Yeah. And I looked this movie has, you know, you Wikipedia page, and I think it's like, you know, on other social media's in this. As far as I can tell this isn't a joke, this movie's really happening, and gee, where do I stand on this film? Yeah. I I don't know this is one of the more peculiar films. I probably heard of in a while. And I've heard of some peculiar ones I've seen some really Bikila ones that I just have. But this film. I remember when I saw the trailer. I was like, whoa. That's. That's really hall. I don't know. It's just like, I'm just like, I don't know. If this is a good idea, Universal Pictures is doing this film now mind, you they've done some, you know, films before they have you know, they've they've had a history. But and like, I said we've gotten a lot of different, you know, animated Pokemon films over the years, but we haven't really had a live action one before. And I think that might be a reason for that. So yeah, this is definitely a trailer. That seems interesting. I'm intrigued with Ryan Reynolds in it. Because usually it's McCain knows what he's doing. I mean, we'll let hit men's buddy go to the side that was terrible..

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