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Five the Rick Unger show. Welcome back to the reconquer show. What do you say, we hit the phones beginning with rich who's calling us from Chicago rich. Welcome to the program. What is on your mind today? Well, Rick, I want to say I really appreciate the show in the topics discussed. This election is this. You know, I'm getting close to sixty and I'm noticing a pattern I call it the one percent pattern and that is that it seems to be more on the right side of things that people will do one hundred one percent incremental things to try to push the election in there say they only have thirty percent of maybe the people that will constantly vote for them. So first thing is you need to get less than fifty percent of the people to vote, so you gotta dissuade or somehow make it seem like it's not worth it for you to do it, but then between caging putting one machine in a poor neighborhood and ten in a rich I mean, on and on the list is endless. But if you do one hundred one percent incremental things to shift in your direction the chances of you winning are one hundred percent. Rich, you put that so, well, I can't tell you and you bring something up that is absolutely worth. Mentioning, you know, I talked about how, how we are so dropping the ball for some obvious reasons when it comes to protecting our elections from foreign interference, but you're, you're raising another point. That is pretty critical. And that is how much is being done in this country right now to impact our elections within the United States. There is no question that there has been a drive underway for some time now to remove voter rights from we know who they're, they're not looking to take voter rights away from upper middle class, white people are they, we know how this is happening. And, you know, I don't care who you're four. I don't care who your candidate is. I don't care what party you belong to when you start selling out the most basic and I mean, V most basic of American ideals. We are in deep tr. A hundred percent. And there's, there's easy fixes like other countries, do I think I'll stralia does is just make boating mandatory you turn eighteen you're registered to vote, and you have to vote or there's a small fine. You know, make a day or holiday, where everybody goes devote. I don't know how diebold machines are able to work pretty well for us doing our banking. But somehow, we can't use them correctly. That win. Still baffles me. There's some easy fixes for this and we're not working toward that end. The foreign interference is just one more of these one percent incremental. Why would we wanna fix it if it benefits us? And if you look at any one thing that I said, if I talked to someone a normal conversation, I'm not saying that it's not normal with you, but people look at me, like a third eye or that I'm crazy by saying, well, simple thing like this can affect the election, but it's not just one simple thing. It's this collection of things that people are very cagey, and they'll puns intended to be able to manipulate it that way, you know, I mean, gerrymandering on and on. And you know, it's, it's so ridiculous because people just never. And I'm talking about all sides. But mostly Republicans, I gotta be, honest, people, people don't seem to realize that by winning in the short term, they are certainly going to lose in the long term. You know, if you come up with all of these tricks to, to push a certain result in election. Sinner later that is going to backfire on you, because the other side can do the same thing. I gotta tell you rich. You've got the right perspective on this. I hope that our country wakes up and realizes that support for a particular president. And again, I don't care if it's a democratic president or a Republican president is just not a reason to short circuit with this country is all about. There's gonna be a price to be paid for it. We have this tendency to think that every day that we're, we're alive is the greatest most important day in the history of our country. Well, it's not it's not. But when you start taking the collective actions that you are referring to we are seeing to it that, that day that is going to be grave in our history is gonna come rich really appreciate your comment. You made some great points. Thanks waterfall. Thank you. You know, before we go onto our next caller, I really do want to highlight the importance of what rich from Chicago was talking about we cannot afford to be short sighted, as we are, and get so wrapped up in our prefer party are preferred candidates that it becomes win at any cost. This will do more to destroy the entire American concept. Then almost anything that I can think of, and when you think about what's so troubles you about the times, we are living in. Isn't that really what it's about, look, we may not like the president's policies, but when you win elections, and he won the election. You get to put your policies into play that is not. I don't believe what makes people worry about what this president is doing to our nation's future. What makes us worry is the fact that all he cares about is his personal victories. All right. Let's grab another caller. We got Stephanie also from Chicago. Stephanie oil, welcome to the program. What's on your mind today? What's on my mind today is this war hospitable war? We can get into with Iran. My biggest problem is going to say the draft back like going back in history on a lot of things, you know, civil rights, women's rights. Are we going to go back to the draft again in order to? Big enough to find a rant if we're going. That's for someone who's a draft dodger. You know, I really can't see behind when he didn't go to wall himself. Yeah. That's, that's certainly a good point. I'll tell you what I seriously seriously doubt that we are going to go to war with Iran. So I mean look, I can certainly be proven wrong on that with this president, but I I don't see the upside. I don't see it happening and I don't see Iran doing anything to draw us into one. I don't see where it benefits them. I know it does not benefit us and ask for the draft. That's an interesting question. If we were to get to the point where where we were short on military folks when we return to the draft. It's disgust. I know it's not a popular notion, but I guess we'd have to wait and see, but your, your point is certainly, well made that how ironic would it be that somebody who avoided the draft by saying what bone Spurs, in his, and then he couldn't remember which we had them in? Yeah. That would be a very.

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