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We've been talking about Joe Biden kicking off his presidential campaign. And what have you think about him? You have to admits that he's resonating with democratic voters. Breaking news new CNN national poll on the twenty twenty democratic race. Just out shows former vice president Joe Biden with a big bounce now has thirty nine percent. Among black women. A nearly thirty point advantage for Biden in this morning. Console pole. That's right. Joe Biden has surged to a huge lead in the Democratic Party. And in second place is Bernie Sanders combined age six hundred forty two. It almost seems like they pulled that move senior citizens do with the front of the line. And everyone's too polite to say anything let 'em cut it might be his last meal ever, let him go. Let him go. But I do find it interesting that Biden has especially strong support among black women. A lot of people are wondering why that is. So to help us find out let's turn to an actual black woman. Do say Sloan everybody. Conundrum say help me understand. Why so many black women leading toward Joe Biden. Our political shit travel. Oh, I understand because you love interests. And now you have to look for another three, man. That's why you said, no, I'm sad. Because now I got to kill somebody. Okay. Let's let's move on focus focus on politics. Why do you think Biden is doing so well with black women like many people expected black women to support Corey book? Oh, the Harris. Well, let me break it down for you, Cory and Kamla are fine. But if I'm completely honest, if I'm completely honest, they got a bit of an image problem. I mean, Cory is nice. But here my cousin tattletale, you know, even when no one asked just niche input eleven a game. Kamla looks like I mean by sprint civil, You know? you know. She's just like toll say I want. What's best for you? Which is why I'm giving you the tension Corey. Thank you for coming right to me. Okay. Okay. I see what you're saying of an image. But it doesn't explain why black women then don't go for someone like this with water. And then I mean, she's a dressed specific issues that black women have like reparations the black maternal mortality rate. Why women going with like a guy who's got the crime Bill in and need a hill on his record. Listen, don't get me wrong younger black women. What probably go with Elizabeth Warren. But for older black women, they're gonna go by because if Biden becomes president that Obama is back in the White House. That's not true. Bama cont be president again. Joe Biden wins. He's going to invite Obama over for dinner and wears dinner the White House. Oh. Oh, back of the White House. I'm going to sneak you, but it's all we got. Okay, fine. So maybe that explains black women support. But what's interesting to me that Democrats overall seem to be going with Biden, which which is strange considering how diverse and fresh most of the other candidates, all of course, gap, this this is just a simple case of millions. Famiglia dick. Listen, I know what I'm talking about. Okay. There's that one dude you've been hooking up with four years. Right. And sometimes you try someone different. But you always go back to him. That's familiar. Listen, you know, how? Well, it does. What it does? I mean, thirty seven thousand draws on a town. What does the dick, you know? I can safely say I didn't know that women categorized. Dick that way. We got a million dick broke dick rates..

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