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Of international military operations in Afghanistan as foreign militaries leave violence in the country is worse and more on that. The BBC's Dilma give a ring morning brings fresh reports of overnight fighting. At the moment battles between the Taliban and government forces in Herat, Badakshan, Baghlan and Paktia are all making news in recent weeks the Taliban to seize control of dozens of districts putting pressure on urban centres held by the government. Some reports suggest. June saw some of the worst violence since the arrival of U. S troops 20 years ago, with hundreds of lives lost and hard won. Development is under threat to with many schools, government buildings and power pylons now damaged or destroyed. President Biden has vowed to have all US troops out of Afghanistan by September, 11th. Learning to fly this holiday weekend hack your patients expect there's going to be lines at the airport. You know there, there s a lines will be a little longer, so don't get frustrated. Keep your mask on and just work your way through the line. That's really the best way to do it. The Triple A's Andrew Gross says, Pack your patience on the roads as well. They are expected to be quite crowded at more than $3 a gallon the average price of gasoline now at its highest level of the year. Economists estimate America's employers added 675,000 jobs last month later this morning, we'll find out if those experts are right. The government will be releasing the June employment report. On Wall Street. Dow futures six points higher NASDAQ Teachers Up 49 S and P futures four points higher. More on these stories,.

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