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If your CFO your particular CFO is very strategic, minded business focus and has some experience in in doing. Evaluating transactions and integrating acquired companies, but personally think the best model is having the Corp Dev function report into the CEO I. I feel like because. Strategic transactions in this again. Improved emanate partnerships investments there so fundamentally tied to a company's Overall Corp. Dev Strategy overall corporate strategy I should say and growth objectives. You know the the the person who is most responsible for that in the in the company for drive in corporate overall corporate strategy is the CEO that that's why I think that's the Best Model I think that if you don't have that model, sometimes, CEO depends on your company. And how big is and maybe it's feasible to have your Corp. Dev reporting your CEO to give him company, but there's got to be some connection there, even if it's not a direct reporting line, there's got to be a frequent interaction frequent audience with the CEO in terms of. It is you're trying to. Achieve what you're looking at in depth. It's interesting how the varies company to company as you see in so many different structures on on who oversees the corporate development function? Wait what do you think the? Overall approval process should look like when you wake up and decided to do a ten billion dollar deal. Is the CEO just sign off on it and you go for it. Yeah, especially, especially. Not You know they're really large ones I. Probably not one size fits all here. I'll tell you what I what I instituted. What I think is a best practice generically. It's kind of a a two stage. approval process were framing. Let's focus squarely here on Ma. And that's that's at the. Ella Y, stay letter of intent, stage or term sheet stage when you're really deciding okay, are we going to spend money on extra advisers and a lot of internal resource, time and effort on detailed due diligence with this target company, and what's the the headline price you know of of doing?.

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