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Give a lot of great talent. The that utilize wonderful Gulf seafood which we have an advantage over most states in you know with Lafayette. It's it's like I said you have so many wonderful casual seafood places and just you know. We're all friends we were together. Try to try to. We all have the common goal of taking care of people in in being able to to help the lives of employees. You know through through sales through Ron and the whole deal and then Restaurant Association is there for us for for that. So that's been that's been great. It's just with the you mentioned the the All and you know the the gas prices and stuff like that even the hub city of Lafayette in healthcare. And even though right now it's hard because of the the doctors can't do these extra extra work right now and that's really see. Take that you throw in on Gaz being down on that people scared and they don't know what you know. They don't know what the future holds horns so there's this hold onto their money they're gonna go to grocery stores and buying cheap dear she whisky and food and and go home and just hunker down until this thing thing opens up and even though we are essential restaurant. That's why we're doing the family meal and IT GIVES PEOPLE OF WAITING. At least they can't get out and dine but the loosening get out up a great high meal not had to do the dishes you enjoy even though so different from being in the actual restaurant and the energy and the music the fun still able to enjoy a little bit of a favorite favorite Takeouts Ernie favorite dishes. You'd recommend take us take out is is is is harder than people think it's You can't refi stake if it goes to the house and it's and it's not good writer so the family meals with design for perfection of of of the meal. So that's why they're working so good. Any anything. Chicken travels well any of our Italian dishes. Lasagna's row easies meatball. They're all easy to take out because of the consistency of stakes. A little harder because of the temperatures and you know veal's hard because it doesn't. It doesn't really stay. Warm gets cold fast so listen different different menu items but there are often passes so I I never had used. Waiter you know I just like going in a place. If I'm going to eat a fine meal I you know now. We can't do it on typical day. I just find that the experience is really. What makes a meal special when you're eating out at your place or some of the other fine places in Lafayette? How are y'all looking ahead to these guidelines and now you tell me you're serving on a task force that Senator Page Cortez you know the legislative task force. It's looking at reopening. What are you all thinking is going to happen? It's going to be doable with tables being spread apart. And it is really the biggest conundrum out there. I was watching some of the national news right. Now that's the big question is the P P P money the payroll protection deal supposed to help. Small businesses put a lot of restaurants are looking at it as you know we have to meet the seventy five percent requirement which is almost impossible to bring back employees number one. We don't have any business to a lot of the morning. Unemployment is just. It's really really hard and you know we're going to have to a lot of restaurants are gonNA need money to do real opened up a new restaurant the by product yet train. Do you know about linens to so many different aspects of our business that once you cut it off like that. It's hard to get back in. I heard predictions yesterday where they're thinking. More than fifty percent of the New Orleans restaurants would not come back Osh. You know it's really you know. Think about wow you know why we go to New Orleans and I don't know how it's going to be in baton rouge or Lafayette but it's hard. I mean you had small I mean so so you have to have six six feet apart between tables and you had to six feet apart at the bar. Fino's in La in Lafayette River won't be as hard bar is huge. It's very long the bartenders state ways. They way away from each other or sixty and outdoor seating which we may have different roles for so in. My dining rooms are so big I can separate tables. Shouldn't be that big of an issue. Look you take a little smaller place that maybe seats you know. Sixty people in very tiny inside. How do you? How do you separate tables six feet apart? They're they're about a foot apart right now and you only have so many. So it's it's there's a lot we had to discuss the big thing. Is I tell you just by talking to a bunch of my friends especially girls. Don't WanNa wear masks and restaurants and they don't want their server wear masks which I understand number one. You have to eat drank. You have to you know you're you're using your mouth. You have to listen to you surgery. You know that's GonNa be a big. That's going to be a big issue. It's not fun it's the one that's the worst thing where people will be like. Why let restaurants open and you have to work mass? Where we understand that the the viral thing but I think the only way really Janet until they can get the FDA approved antibody test testing. That's the only way I think restaurants will really be able to open with some confidence. Well we could say the Had the Sorority added in the people that can go out to eat and all that. That's the only really really see because because all they have they implement all those rules laws insane which would figure it out. I don't know how much how much actually be able to do. You know we do a lot of private parties in Baton Rouge so you can't have more than ten people. Most of my private parties are twenty or thirty people to hop between the tables and yeah. It's a social gathering and it's GonNa be it's GonNa be it's GonNa be a struggle. There's no doubt about it but you know we have. We have to make it work because that's who we are in this Task Force. Ruffin that you were telling me about senator. Cortez it's all different industries right. It's not just has your different businesses one of the only restaurant tours actually on them on the task force. It's yeah car dealers petrochemical Owen. You guys from from all over the the surface. Oh that's why I'm looking forward to to have put my input in it because you know I'm I'm going to be representing the largest employer in the state when it comes to non non governmental restaurants. That's reemploy more than anybody task. You two are you able to get seafood like I. I've talked to Jim Dawson Frank. Randle and others in the seafood's out there but with the market being off. Are you able? You've been able to get suppliers to get your. What would the little we need? The thing is is. We're not selling bulk. Like like Franken him with the ball crawfish and all that. We're just doing it to go food so we're not using up a whole lot. The once we open up in demand comes unless they had employed the seafood's out there. It's just getting the people to catch it and sell it and all that but it's setting like I went over to Randall's bringing frank back some albums. He had loaned me because we get interviewed and he wanted to show me all his. You know the pass things he had done. One of the fishermen had like five thousand pounds of I don't know if it was snap herbs some some really great seafood and he didn't have any place to put it like it was there was there was no market nowhere to go and I think frank helped helped him. Some people could by five or ten pounds and drive through that but I just thought how many people was this affecting down the chain from you saw the trip. The trickle down effect is crazy. Goes all over the place? And that's that's going to be the hardest part is you know we're GonNa want to get back into business we're GONNA want sales people coming out but other people who have money to to come out and die where places celebration. It's GonNa be people looking to do birthdays from a month ago. Anniversaries from a month ago and come out and celebrate. We'll do a little bit of that and they can have special nights but the consistency of you know getting out there doing business. You know it's GonNa take time it's just gonNA wrong and that we're all GonNa that's why we need the help from the government Own Whoever to to get us back on our feet and not just in a in a in a payroll plan. But we're GONNA need some money to reopen two by two byproduct to we were forced to shutdown. Were our our our our cash flow completely. Got Shut off for us to. Yeah even the most conservative people. I think the government does have a place that may not agree on everything. But we can't do this ourselves. I mean there's a lot of it up to the banks. Would big banks struggled this would? This is loans raw the small ones. Iberia was fantastic. You know they had the most of their stuff that they were incredible. You know so. It's it's we used to be with chase and we switch in. God we would probably still with chase guy knows where we'd be so it's GonNa it's GonNa be a struggle for everybody you know. Open up this. This other money is again. That's that tiki money. That really doesn't help our industry. Our industry is going to need. You know a nationwide maybe worldwide a nationwide. Russia industry is going to need grants. They're gonNA need. We're GONNA need money to all the soul food. All the you know just reopening getting people back to work training all that stuff you know we number one. We want to pay our people. Which would the people to? We're GONNA reopen and they're going to have a job we got to be able to run our business and you don't have any money to to buy seafood. We'll be able to sell it or haven't been able to pay your rent or your note for a few months. Yeah well is there anything that any advised or anything you want to share as Ricardo come into conclusion? Anything that we didn't discuss. Now you know. The thing is getting on supporting local local restaurants local businesses. That are in operation. Even though we're not able to dine in continue to do take out at the places that are offering it. I don't know how many right now. In Lafayette of stopped or continued a lot of them switched over to the ball raw fish. We haven't staying with our menu and trying to support the community that way just supporting the local restaurants in because of because we. We can't get through this on the plate. The the people that can't get through this because catch and just lack of desire. They're just going to close down. You can have a lot of a lot of people out of jobs you know is continuing to get it back so culture gone all. Yeah well thank you so much. I want to end on a very positive note and I wanted to share something. I read about you in bet you made with your friend Todd Graves. I hope this is accurate. But I was doing background research and I saw that you've got about Lsu doing well last season you WanNa talk about that. You bet money because we were we were we were in Las Vegas for a A real estate convention. And you know todd always wants to was in. May So todd said go and this make some bets so we win this when a Great Sports Book. I forget which hotel we were. I wish we were in Caesar's something but we were about to leave so I went down and I put thousand dollars on the saints to win the Super Bowl a thousand dollars on Lsu to win a national championship. And I was looking at one thousand dollars on. Joe Burrowed when the Heisman and for some reason they could at this one place. They didn't have that up. Although it was available it was two hundred to one. And and Made the too bad. But I couldn't find out I had to go to Caesar's to make the other one. We were leaving and I had to get back. I had this thing so I thought I'd made it in did not have been two hundred thousand dollar is when we end up winning. Lsu which was twenty four to one one twenty four thousand and don't think Joe Osha on chose a charity To give it to that we wanted to to donate so it was just a fun deal for. I believe me I would love to cap the twenty four thousand split it but when your best friend's a billionaire young it's a lot easier for him just as you know. Let's give it a charity. Which was my idea anyway. So you have friends like that she's roughing Rodrigue. I WanNa thank you so much for Again being so patient with me you know you couldn't tell from your voice but I had a little difficulty at the beginning and I love doing this podcast and I really have great appreciation for people that helped me recorded and mixed because it's it's not that it's hard but it's just not the you know the the top thing my skill set so i WanNa thank you people that help make this podcast possible. Jason Sikora at Raider will be mixing the tape and of course our sponsors Beria Bank Lafayette General and Rally Marketing..

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