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Total were involved. Ten of them are in hospitals and three are being treated at Harborview here in Seattle, the family and friends of child who was hit by an SUV are pleading with the driver to turn themselves in it happened Saturday night on one hundred thirteen th street south in parkland ten-year-old, Caitlyn Rogers says recovering in the hospital after her leg pelvis and shoulder broken. When a speeding SUV hit her as she was riding her scooter and a state trooper is in the hospital after a suspected to you. I driver hit his car, and I five in Everett WSB says the trooper was in the middle of a traffic stop. When another driver drifted under the solar collided with his patrol car. That driver was arrested. We're waiting for. For an update on the troopers injuries, Maxine frost, KOMO news. Aaa traffic road work continues on your way into Seattle on northbound. I five four right lanes are closed from just north of the bowing access road up to about Michigan by Albro. It's one right lane closed northbound highway ninety nine between ROY street and the ROY bridge. Two lanes are closed until five o'clock in the morning and eaten Ville how we went six one two right lanes closed in each direction at three fifty six street. Jay Phillips, KOMO news. News, traffic and weather updates. Weekday mornings and be listening for more stories and interviews to help you make sense Kobo morning news with MandA factor. And Gregg Hersholt on KOMO news. It is twenty eight minutes before.

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