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Alive so he reading lights are there any travel another vigil was held in China town last night with residents demanding better services for the homeless when students time seven thirty five there is a new allegation this morning against former today show cohost Matt Lauer investigative reporter run in pharaoh's new book catching kills says former NBC employee Brooke novels alleges that Lauer raped her in his hotel room at the twenty fourteen so she Olympics later in New York City Nevil cells Farrow she had more sexual encounters with flour some of which she initiated novels complain triggered Lauer's firing the today show's Savannah Guthrie just moments ago you know this is shocking and appalling and I honestly don't even know what to say about it president Andy lax as NBC is committed to making its workplace a safe one no comment from flowers rap critics gave Broadway's new production slave played Reeves but some people who sought were disturbed by its rape scene and depiction of what they called racial stereotypes a change dot org petition is calling for the play to close her last word it had some fifty nine hundred signatures but play right Jeremy Harris tells ten ten wins situated in such a way that the ending of the play is ambiguous enough that when people leave they are able to engage in conversation well what the let me give ideas like that offered up ten ten wins reached out to the woman who started the petition so far no response swimsuits time seven thirty seven up next in ten ten wins entertainment a seventy super group performs a classic album live TV.

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