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Forty five Monmouth Princeton Princeton jumped out to an early lead mon without a big lead in the second half Princeton claws back but it's mom at that holds on to get the win by want to chat with Jim sixty seven sixty six person is on the wrong side of this one as I looked at Princeton and they were minus six six and a half one three and a half the total games stays under finishing a one thirty three B. Y. U. already bragged about that one seventy five forty two actually listening to KSL on the way in eleven sixty A. M. for you folks in Vegas you wanna listen to BYU basketball Greg rebel one of the best as far as calling those games for the blue and white seventy five forty two boys Steve all for what the heck man forty two point bass or jazz Johnson it through yes some players but wow nonexistent tonight and then I suffer by B. Y. U. annually trials Mrs first seven shots so you know the the battered the they can throw P. in the ocean they were like I got a good squad though this year I need to have a good squad may and that your child was actually suspended the first nine games that's right so you know they're they're going to be tough in the WCC still gives agas you know division to lose conference to lose but at the end of the day I still a solid B. Y. U. team and they are of course under do you know the new coaches are you know when I should know this I has it more now for no I don't who is mark pope mark pope that's rarely for Kentucky back in the day right he was that he came from Utah valley to I believe I read that the other day yeah he's doing a good job in the notes okay player still intact they got a good squad there they could finish top to even talk to in the west coast conference Perry GA I agree definitely team that can beat Saint Mary's this year San Francisco they're pretty good team as well the don if you are you asking they took you talk down to the wire you tied up when that game that the old people I've right really be why you should we should have both I think both teams but a hundred plus in that game yeah all the time with final was one fourteen one of seven you route beat him but be why you had a twelve point lead thirteen point me in the first half first half I remember that yep but yeah they're they're no joke to converse tough squad Nevada's no joke either but yeah out the coopers have assault squad would surprise me they could turn it possibly when the first round we'll see but you know plenty best will be played there you go Colorado you talk about this one or than I would Jacobson's boys nice job on the road at boulder in boulder always tough time winners field house yeah seventy nine seventy six of one of their games sales over this portal because Norman I we normally think of a team that's going to slow down and tad Boyle steam they'll play delivery Paul if need be this northern I would team they've had some very high scoring games this year so you may still be able to take in it at the advantages for some of these totals seventy nine seventy six Norman I wins it straight up there were nine and a half points closing dogs and total was bent up from one twenty three at one twenty six and after he finishes at one fifty five so still some of the the lines are off and I know there's a lot of football going on but now I'm telling you ladies totals are going over by twenty thirty forty points on a nightly basis Colorado state looked at them but said now too many points to give the jackrabbits South Dakota state but don't trust the jacks this year of course also burgers here at UNLV and sky navy the coach prior to to jail to burgers over their rates they do a pretty good job with the red raiders by seventy two sixty eight the final Colorado if they went in for college but do not cover the number the game stays under the total one forty for four and a half finishing at one forty New Mexico state Aggies knockoff Denver this game the beat the pioneers by five but they were late ten and have been up to eleven and a half total was one thirty game goes or finishing a one thirty nine seventy two sixty seven Aggies when it in Denver and Baylor holds on for dear life I looked at Baylor initially and then I said man Butler though they're always tough man I know it's not bagel fieldhouse and I know Baylor did lose their I think their second unity of a loss to Washington up there in Alaska that great Alaska shootout or somewhere up up there in the in Canada maybe in Vancouver can't remember where they came was but I know is in Canada and I said man I wanna takes countries team but I respect Baylor that one went from five to six I'm glad I stayed away because Baylor does when it but only by a point fifty three to fifty two and the game staying well under the total one thirty and a half which was set up to one thirty two game finishes a one oh five fifty three fifty two Baylor gets the win now also some turning to give little tournament games seventy to fifty seven have a crisp you're in Texas tech the take out number one Louisville handily still missing Ramsey their leading scorer and they would buy a Baker's dozen over Chris Max what from Louisville Chris beard yes January classic American that's right you LV head coach of course was head coach for you know the for twelve days yeah something like that twelve days and the next thing you know he's he's wearing that not the rebel read but the read read read there you go and that's of course you know yeah daughters go there he went there and that's that's a place that he coveted Nate paid the million dollar buyout I mean you know if you could add a ten million dollar buy out and add Chris beard as their head coach this guy in his second year goes to the elite eight news third year he goes to the finals a national champion game but hell hats off to him he's doing a hell of a job there and I don't see that program regression anytime soon now still haven't ready you can shoot lights out kids just one of those free throw shooters and three point shooters in the game Indiana in the second game at Madison Square Garden leads Connecticut forty to thirty eight last year though Texas tech the play do and they didn't win the game but they played them so tough and they were read at the time that they got a standing ovation when they left the court and crispier said that was a key to us turning this season into something memorable one of course is show McCollum just reiterate they go to the national championship game and he said let's use that as a building block how hard he said to see today how hard you want to work how hard are you going to work let's find out and they take out number one Louisville without rams either leading scorer seventy two fifty seven I suffer by taxpayers meanwhile some extra games Brian in a matinee before sixty nine sixty one Saint Francis in New York called up Presbyterian and does not cover the number game stays under sixty four sixty three by the way that Brian game sixty nine sixty one they were six and a half point dogs but down to five but they still get the outright win over forty minute total one up to one thirty from one twenty five it it's one thirty sixty nine sixty one worse you could've done is push if you play the over deflated anytime early you got to win their seventy two fifty one Boston College beat Albany laying six and a half and just not at all no problem they win that game game stays well under the total one thirty four seventy one sixty three offer not so Stony Brook again they're laying fiber down to three now but the pride under McCall holic take care of business seventy one sixty three seventy seven seventy one thousand be Maryland Baltimore county do not cover the number but they win it game sales over the total Davidson Palmer's Coppin state eighty eight fifty two a lane fifteen and I have no problem there is a winner by thirty six and total was one forty six and a half games stays under finishing at one forty eighty two seventy three McNeese PP you in KC are they do cover the one and a half as a winner by nine games sales over the total by twenty one and sixty six sixty one Grambling beat you Oman row the war hawks on the road a total was one thirty nine to begin stayed under for you I'm on rolling eight have so you can make some nice money line money on Grambling state as they wanted sixty six sixty one on the ice these games going right now got five of them still rolling Carolina about to complete a victory in Albert over Edmonton doubling up on the Oilers right now by a score of sixty three Calgary meanwhile the flames the just knocked off Arizona it's a nice one for cal Renee been playing decent hockey of late but to go down and beat the coyotes by three not easily done coyotes planes excellent hockey pretty much all season long five to to the final their caliber gets the win Vegas or gold nights right now second period in the windy city they're leading the Chicago Blackhawks to do nothing or I'm sorry they're here to here team mobile why am I think it's yeah they got this homestand going on right now coming off the five nothing shut out against the Rangers were they got shut down for the first time all season the golden knights right now and I don't know who's in that showed you know who's in that I believe they said for he was gonna go was gonna go all those who then nodded tonight in Vegas leads a to nothing to twenty nine to go in the second here will get you the goal scorers after to Toronto shutting out Vancouver to nothing any a king's second period just underwear at that came on right here it is one nothing LA leads the New York Rangers that is a look at the rich bad you've been the Toyota town scoreboard is Ken Thompson is shown a calling Steve is working back in the studio don't forget megawatts will join us in our number two when we come back in a few minutes we're going to talk NFL football gonna talk about the rate is and we're gonna also talking to full football the final half hour we're gonna get made allies to talks in college football for about a half hour at the top of next hour we're live from Vegas a lot of beautiful Legaspi stadium again welcome everybody that's in town for the national rodeo finals tonight through Saturday December fourteenth and always appreciate everybody there on a sad note before we get out here Marie Fredericks and you'll hear some bumper music when we come back both hours Marie Fredriksson was a lead singer for your old school folks from rocks at she battled brain cancer last seventeen years she passed away yesterday at her home in Sweden listen to your heart it's over now sold over seventy five million albums prayers for the family of Marie Fredericks and and also forgot to mention weeks back and I meant to do this when I was talking Auburn football and I may have mentioned it one time our Pat Sullivan Heisman Trophy winner that Donald throat cancer for about seventeen years he passed away last week so don't know if I mentioned that and then one that hits home for me because I love because I loved when I called college basketball games due to freeze the riverside for Long Beach state one of my favorite sports to call what Donnchada he is the beloved was the beloved plaid play by play guy for central Michigan of course Richard was displayed in the mac mid American conference championship game at Ford field Saturday into blue's neck into Miami of Ohio but Jana was killed prior to that game on his way home as his car veered off into the oncoming traffic and he was hit by a semi and I ended up losing his life he was the play by play for the last ten years there just fifty four years old and Chippewa sports I got that out there in the reflected back on not only what a great play by play guy Donnchada was what a great family man he was and what a great man he was as far as doing a lot of things there in conjunction with terrible things there in the organization for centrum as she can sell our hearts for the family because that's why are good pal rob Richie farmers insurance when he comes on that last Tuesday of every month we mix in sports.

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