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Number three seven five four five in them notice. Future. Ling's in the unlikely event that the mile and outs and fair in height degree Fahrenheit. Doug furlong at the Hogshead the bail the bushel now that you're reorganizing your house. I assume you're still organizing everything in terms of bushels and in Demi Johns. That's right. Hogs heads Armadillo hurling, you're putting everything into into barrels of nineteenth century weights and measures. That's right. That's right. Well, basically how much hash oil you can put into a quart of how much a quart of hash oil ways in a shell. Oil. Can is there a unit of like that's a unit that determines how far you can drive. Your Honda Africa twin across Egypt. I was just wonder if there's a unit of cannabis highness that can be related to the there's no limit to highness. Anyway, in the event that all of these things have contributed to the continuation of all these American based social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, gene. Maybe that's what's keeping the Infos away. They're going to wait for us to all get off social media. Well, or they're going to wait for some universally established standard of social media where the the social media servers are all located under seven. I thought it was the emoji Auburn us. Oh, sure. It could be there's a lab in France where under a jar. It's like here's the poop emoji. Here's the eggplant emoji. Here's smiling. I'm crying both don't touch it will be. Yeah. It'll be like a seed Bank somewhere just like the omnibus project. Why don't you go? Hang out with us on our Facebook page, Ken is there all the time secretly commenting under different names under a thousand actually no one on that page of me talking to myself and telling me, how great my show is if you can tweet from where you are under the NFL's years. Yeah. Under seven bell jars tweet Kim, or at least look at his tweets. No. You know, what tweet add Ken? He loves that. Every time you have something to add or subtract after after every time I make a joke. Make sure you tweet not your best. Right. That's my favorite or explain his joke. Right or tell the same joke back to me as if I had not just told that using the same premise love the he's at Ken Jennings. I'm at John Roderick. We are at omnibus project. You can look at my Instagram page. I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days. Doesn't mean anything to them. It doesn't mean any be you'll you can you can see every Instagram post. I ever posted in the space of the oscillation of one killer jewel of an orange peel. It'll all flash in front of your eyes. Simultaneously, Fordham engines before you die. You can Email us at omnibus project and how stuff works dot com. Like, I said earlier the future Ling's page on Facebook future Ling spelled with an E future. Ling's imagine if we had not spelled it with any is it like Roderick future railings while it would be like food tour llings, I think it's four syllables. It's future llings for churlish. Right. Like shuttling? All right. Well, we say chitlins, we don't say chitlins we say future. Limbs few is our folksy folksy way this future Jhelum gathered around a barrel. Have a seat Ken went to the mailbox today. And we found lots and lots of postcards some digestive biscuits a beautiful handwritten letter. And then what's this? What are you unwrapping there? What's this Foley? Work you're doing over there..

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