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Mm side interviews that idea while out in las vegas at the annual stands berry conference this passive temper which was phenomenal by the way i'm already looking forward to next year's stands berry vegas outing you're going to hear from cancun gay who's a senior technology editor at the economists on why basically everything you heard about artificial intelligence is wrong i was really interesting interview at guy scott some great insights you'll want wanna hear you'll also hear from entrepreneur and author bedrosian curly in bed rose is the author of the book man up rohrer and is here today to talk to you about unlocking your leadership potential in business and in life now if you've been a reader stands for research for any length of time you've heard us talk about a gore three thousand acre development on the pristine pacific coast of nicaragua called rancho santana today you'll hear porter interview mark brown former real estate director at rancho santana mark explains why nicaragua is poised to follow in the footsteps of costa rica and why the people of nicaragua are one of the main reasons to go visit and even live there fulltime mark also tells you exactly what's going on at rancho and the surrounding area and that makes this part of central america such a haven for retirees expats surfers and of course stands burger readers in fact the stands very family is going to be at rancho santana for the first time this coming february for the twenty 18 stands berry winter investment conference listen closely on how you can join these stands berry family there as well they'll be investment experts like steve sugarut editor of true wealth med favor chief investment officer at cambria investment management will you've heard on this podcast by the way in episode ten carlo canal from canal capital and stands berries newest senior analyst austin.

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