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WTVN. Allison wyatt. He's calling for accountability. After over two dozen people died in the care of the Mount Carmel west Dr. Obviously, a major concern that people continued to die after Mount Carmel had some notice or knowledge of the problem over a handful of wrongful death lawsuits have now been filed against amount Carmel is well, Dr William Houston attorney Gerald Leesburg told six ten WTVN Mark laser more lawsuits are pending the governor pushed for an alternative to high school today. Ohio governor, Mike dewine addressing a conference of career and technical educators in Columbus. The governor says too often career centers way too long for facility and equipment upgrades. We've got to figure out how the career centers can access the state money more. In regard to building. Wind has advice for local leaders who have not visited a career center or vocational school in a while you've not been your local career center lately, you need to go because it's not what it was ten years ago, or certainly not what it was twenty years ago at the state house, Jared NewsRadio six ten WTVN and Ohio lawmaker has reintroduced a Bill that would give animal control officer is more authority. No reason. Reason that a dog who has been vicious or not should be out in public unleashed on restrained and have the ability to attack someone state Representative neurology. And Tony says it is time to revisit the issue. Vicious animals. Franklin county now has text to nine on one services. The new service will greatly assist. Those who may be in a domestic violence situation are hiding simply cannot make a phone call at the time text to nine one we'll also work on some tablets and other devices. Liberty township trustees announced last night, they would not be replacing their firefighter paramedics with those in Delaware County, but the townships medical director Warren Yam, Rick will instead be off the job in ten days. Residents who attended the meeting say they're baffled by the decision as by dismissing Hamrick who's paid around six thousand dollars a year and contracting with Ohio State University hospitals for a new medical director that will cost taxpayers and additional twenty eight thousand dollars and Columbus police are on the hunt today for. Vandals who defaced a number of parking signs in the short, north Justice new parking fees went into effect. At least thirty one signs were covered with black or red spray paint. I'm Alison why antiwar ABC six first warning weather forecast in sixty seconds with one in two people looking to improve their health in.

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