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To keep espn at the top visit. Ibkr dot com slash fantasy football to learn more. We are back really looking forward to our next guest. He'll be part of one of the most eagerly anticipated match up to the year in the sec. When arkansas takes on texas. Am in arlington coach. Jimbo fisher welcome to the program I know it's been somewhat of a bizarre couple of weeks but you look pretty good though no worst aware. How are you doing well. This ain't i always beginning of a new season. Is your evolving your team developing your team. And the things you do. Well you do poorly and coaching them up. And you know watching this team evolve can be. I heard you after the game. I think it was after the game when Somebody was talking about the potential for this team. And you didn't seem to take too kindly to that word and for those who miss it. I wouldn't mind you explaining that description of your team because you said it reflects on everything does potential as the potential made you have ability. But you haven't done it yet. That means you need to consistently play a better in a higher level and potential can be a great word in the beginning but it can be it can be very detrimental word as you keep progressing along in the season and we're three games and we're we're nowhere near a perfect team and we're always the hopefully evolving each and every week but you don't want potential attached to you. Want to see progress attached to you. You're undefeated you've got quite a stretch. But whatever knew that would that would be the case. But i'm curious about your thoughts on the quarterback situation. You lost your starter. You have a young man who came in and did lead you to a tough victory. How do you feel about the offense right now. Under zodda existence that can get the ball all parts of the field. He came in a very tough situation and cholera. Got thrown into it and we didn't play well around him. Either it was. It was not just him. It was magnified because of him Receivers tied enzo line. Run mean different guys but then he was able to really pull it back in the last two drives. He had that football game was really remarkable. With the way we were playing in that. See that gives me tons of hope. And then i thought he played a very solid football game last. We'll get one mistake with a pick. But he made three touchdown throws kubwa really outstanding. Good on third down managed the game. I thought played a very very solid game is progressing very well listen. He has ability to beach with his legs and he can definitely get the ball to all parts of the field with his arm. Let's turn the page to this week. And i don't think you've missed. Maybe maybe weren't paying attention but you are now what arkansas has been doing in your assessment of what you've seen of them. Well you know it's funny each and every team across the country this year. It's kind of. I say a different year. Everybody's trying to find their legs. Arkansas found him either one of the few teams that have played very solidly all three games. They're running the ball exceptionally well. You saw what they did in texas game and other games in which they played very good ground. Ground game quarterback jefferson's doing now standing job of getting the ball down hitting so many big plays receivers or athletic tight ends a good player Backs can run it. Defensively barry always done a great job. Barry mixes three down front. Four down fronts blitzes multiple coverages and that team is playing very physical. They're playing very hard to play. Very disciplined and wrestle. Teams are very. Well so i mean they're playing in all three phases right now well into the country. You'd say everyone in your career winning a national championship being in the playoffs playing for titles. I i'm curious about you'd mentioned barrio. Open because a lot of people have really Painted a very positive picture of him if somebody that has gone against the best everywhere what is it like to go against him very multiple. I mean he makes you dot is and cross t.'s. I mean he's a zone guy. He's a man guy he's a blitz guy. He's a three down guy he's a four down guy and the multiplicity of things he makes you think as a play collar but he makes your kids think on the field because of how you have to set your system up and i think he does a really good job of that coach. I know you can only focus on what is ahead but As a fan as somebody. Who's in this league. I'm sure you you look around when you have a minute to. And i'm curious just overall because we've seen already we're we're just three weeks into the season so many bizarre things happen. What's going on here. I think you're into a new world now. I think you know you're into a transfer of puerto world so teams are going to change drastically good and bad. Some guy's gonna leave play teams other teams going to get new guys so i think the different groups of people always coming together. I think you're now. I think all your name image and likeness things. I think it's a new thing for all these kids to handle and deal with. And i know it's great for them to get it but it's a lot more added pressure in other added things to to what they've got going on and i is this landscape of college football constantly changes. I think the kids are going to have to just think. That's what you see. And i think you know you're getting really good performances and then you a little bit of inconsistency and certain areas but in the teen talented are still finding ways to win. But i think that's part of the new world in which we're going to be in part of it in my opinion in college football from now this. There's also an expectation and you'd be you've been there You know having the defending national champion. You know how tough it is and you you. You went the whole season without a loss until the end. And we see this whether it's a clemson whether it's alabama ohio state oklahoma it just seems like these teams that we have. The the bullet bull's eye on their back are struggling this season. So far this and here's the other thing guys. Don't stay in school as long anymore. So you're getting a ton of guys are hitting at junior thing and they're leaving and going to the wall of a sudden you're playing freshman and sophomores and this even though they're very talented that doesn't mean they can handle all the situations distress the game management situations of game.

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