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Student voice who wounded a years back lightening on on the right man never cared for david bowie i can say it now i'd i'd never cared for him i i respect that people who are in a good music like him i i always thought he things like this put our own eu road drew earned owns though blues not my thing mice how he does new idaho by balloon my dad came home with michael jackson's thriller and david bowie's let's dance on l p on the same day he grabs bowie and starts jam it out to it i grabbed michael on when random i room i do not regret that choice one bit the same day and i i made a cassette tape was basf ninetyminute jobs my michael jackson thriller on one side david douillet stance on the other i always just wish for auto reverse the fast were pass that stupid david bowie's album china grow even mean stay that song one china girl early it we talk about massage me for a moment and what she gets excited my little to grocers obt to shut your mouth i don't i don't honor i don't know what that means as well drugs like china light year heroin i thought it was names into the drugs the fin weight duke was dru out alive in my speaking to jolly high who joslyn jonathan okay sorry about that said marbles energy i know you can use you can use the intifada with fokker to its it has both feature now now now now that it is that with that last guy said a you're either a slow cooker or you're an instant pot user don't don't don't don't have your footed both worlds my fled choose what and choose wisely yes there were nepad that what a joke thinking the thing is a lot of crackpots issues are that they don't have a great gasket so you're getting some a release of the air when you shouldn't be so maybe this will ensure just like a pressure cooker that all your juices stay in my or not this is a pressure cooker saturday announced confused by the is the pot is a brand name is a pressurecook yeah yeah that's all it it that's all it is pressure cooker is now point of reference chickfila stick is there as yet russia could gaming does it all and you can't eat a pressure cooker like a pressure frion.

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