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Scout commit the community service you know do your project be affiliated with the local organizations and earn your way to being an easy doubt you know what you way you started that off i thought you were being maybe a little critical of the fact that i didn't persevere in not tying but as i saw you continue that discussion discussion i think you moved away from being just critical openning or in at ponte least i'll difficulty playing yourself getting and more a of a shovel compliment and jack a deeper that you know you kid you we want can we to get off you wanna topic see people and just earn talk their about way in progress something that justifiable that you can talk about take much pride more eloquently in what they've in articularly done so they can than look i good can they he can look hate back me and feel good about ooh what they accomplished we had to a quote dave deal aid off on young so lad i there this is no weekend doubt from in my mind that you charlotte deviated north carolina from the here boy and scout i'm reminded path of my you went time into at western perhaps guitar kathy more university robustly rod into smart baseball running football back and lo recruited and behold by jim forty plus from years lakeland of coaching florida i think you've ended up all right young you man you sound for years like a with man this that scrambling mammoth erred right or now fourth you're all having time a little leading bit of trouble rusher explain in the history yourself of western kentucky and your university critical a graduated thoughts about when my out to not tying stan nokia diego crit chargers nokia critic and nokkerd didn't not make kicking the ballclub judge and ended up playing with the xfl with the i think it was a denver team and the only played one year but he was the face of xfl rod smart the fans out there that follow football we'll remembering him more as he hates me but he was a player vars and then after that league went.

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