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Is one of the most insanely idiotic things. I've ever heard at no point in your rambling. Incoherent response. Were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it? I warned you know points, and may God have mercy on your soul may God. Have mercy on your soul is from an NYU professor economics, professor named Billy Madison. No. That's not true. It's from the movie Julie medicine, but we'll be playing that clip a lot for those of you who don't know us her just tuning in for the first time get used to those call us at one eight hundred three to one zero seven ten and set contract. Don't know something right. Tell me what your favorite movie quotes are. And if I should have those on the show summer very short, for instance, I could do that all day. No, please, please. We don't want that all day. Okay. Monty burns one of my favorite characters of all time from the Senate to hear from him. I'm sure they'll keep you. And sweet. Family religion friendship. These are the three demons you must slay wished to succeed in business. When opportunity knocks you don't want to be driving to the maternity hospital or sitting in some phony baloney chick. Sydney, Google Google. That is the exact opposite of AO say if Monty burns ran I'd vote for that guy. You. I've seen. China near. I you would you know what I watched that in college. I mean that show is huge in the nineties. It was on Thursday nights on FOX. And at that point. You're just taken off for the weekend. Thursday night. You're done in college. Oh, yeah. Yeah. We've done a Wednesday night. Now once it was the one night. You didn't go out Mondays they had quarter pitcher night at a place called the seller. This is at the university of Maryland, Tuesday nights dollar Bud Light night at Santa Fe also in college park. And then Thursday was Thursday. So Wednesday was basically your only night off. But before we went out, we'd watch Simpsons. And then Seinfeld was on that night. Cheers was on that night. And was just you know, it was the bomb. It was more fun in college studying you think yeah, you weren't weren't you? Anyway, when we come back Amy klobuchar who was running for the democratic nomination. One of twelve candidates to announce apparently doesn't treat her staff to well as in Leona Helmsley, don't treat your staff to well. We'll tell you why her campaign maybe over before it begins. That's next on seven ten W O R party city.

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