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Wasco, Basketball, Ben Simmons discussed on FOX Sports Radio


You still have to play i get that but that helps and you know what to intensify to come in brand new come into a franchise that has no uncertainty of the future don't know what's going on actions and wise variables variables falling all over the place they just lost their best player in this key came into that this willingly i do not see this coming from wasco i watch basketball no saw him in college it didn't stand out to be something over the top he's taken his game to the next level he is on another level of playing basketball confidence wise and for that man i gotta i gotta salute down to the maze man that's that's tough to come into a as a rookie but those type of intensive income on us come on man good team to go bear has a very very good team i like his team i like utah things do not want to see them in in the playoffs they're going to be a minister and i think they're gonna make some noise but if i had to take man i love ben simmons but i gotta go with donovan mitchell but i wouldn't be mad if they did a do rookie of the few more minutes left with kevin going at fifteen time nba all star mba champion mvp nba mvp host of area twenty one here on the rich eisen show so are you not buying so adelphia is a real deep threat in the eastern conference or are you definitely didn't say that okay i'm definitely bassem stock in in in the process i'm trusting in like everybody else in philly i'm just sitting back waiting to see how it cook up what about being lebron if they face lebron with joel back healthy a lot a lot you know you gotta you gotta be on your game you when you re trying to dethrone with somebody he's trying to take somebody off they spot you're trying to be somebody i want to turn on ask the question you risk do you think that we are fans are tired of the narrative of lebron going to the finals every year you think elitist a bit tired of that you think that they're starting to be a bit weather.

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