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And the job he did get players at the fort in which they really are a bargain and a good value just in. Jefferson. I thought we go. Maybe middle of I moved up after running that four four three with all that great productivity at Lsu then Jeff gladly gladly at the end of the first round about a guy now with Jefferson helping out that wide receiver spot. A major void in Jefferson is a guy hightower can come in and be ready to produce right away and then I think you look at a guy on the other side of the ball in gladness who uses his hands well enough to basically break up the past without causing any penalty flags to be thrown. Very intuitive cornerback. I thought he would be. Maybe a late first early second. They traded back so they didn't reach at in. Stretch it a bit. They took him at a at a point where it was more palatable than where they were picking. I give the wrecks bill and a lot of credit the Minnesota Vikings an eighth grade for day one. Yeah I almost went San Francisco here but I agree with Mel love. These two picks for the Vikings. They addressed a couple of big needs. Don't know what happened with digs up there. But as Mel talked about Justin Jefferson's a high high football character guy. He's GonNa come in and adjust really quickly played great in the slot. This year for was a different player inside than it was on the perimeter and then he's got the huge catch radius. He's the guy that Joe Borough trusted. You just put the ball up to. And he would make a play for him. So reminds me of Michael Thomas from the New Orleans saints really similar comparable player and then Jeff. Gladdy really fun player to watch on tape. You know the only real knock is size. But he doesn't play small he so aggressive. He's feisty fast. He's athletic and as Mel talked about getting his hands on balls. Twenty-six passes defense the past two years. That seems like Mike Zimmer type of pick. I really like what the Vikings did. Well Jim you go with San Francisco. I am going to go with San Francisco and I'll tell you this general manager John Lynch. He absolutely knocked it out the park. I've thought on the first day you know you. Trade back one spot in the first round pick up devan kin law who may be one of the top two or three most explosive players pound for pound in this draft the guy who's going to really dispatch to the other first round picks that they have on their defensive line and he's going to be one of those got one of those guys who may have the highest upside and the most untapped potential of all of them right now and that includes. Nick Bosa so adding Devan Kit law that expect tackler move and then they come back with the twenty fifth pick and they think one of my favorite guys out of Arizona State branded Naik a guy who is the ultimate catch and run big. Play Guy The guy who can take it to the house on wide receiver screens. Quick slants quick dig routes and he's also a master at running the double moves down the field and he's just a big play wedding the happen. That's exactly what they needed and the wide receiver core Joe Manager John Lynch head coach. Sal Kyle Shanahan plus from me all right. Yeah easy greater there. Louis Riddick I like a plush to von Kendra had the best family reaction. He wins out. I don't know if we give an award for that but I just did the. Nfl draft for students tonight seven eastern on ESPN ABC and the NFL network. The bengals once again. Take things off then. They will be followed by the colts the lions and the giants Patriots. So go figure. Stop me if you've heard this four. Enter the night with the most fix of day two of any team in this draft. All right. Plenty to go We've got safeties. David mckinney and Antoine Winfield. Junior they are. The top melts list of best available prospects. Also out there skill position players De Andrea Swift. Jk Dobbins and Michael Pittman junior mill. Who's your favorite? Still on the board mckinney. Think about a guy if you got a list of the best pure football I forgetting speed. Forget all that in those numbers strength. Four six three but he plays a lot faster than that. It's all over the field making plays yet. Ninety five tackles dispatched ear three sacks intercepted three passes for four fumbled. You will be a great second round pick me you will provide an attitude and leadership to the back end of a defensive secondary the NFL. P- yeah I'm glad went mckinney. Because I almost did but I'm going with AJ Nessa deepens event from Iowa Twenty six and a half career sacks double digits each of the last two years not a real twitchy guy off the edge. Put a big body rusher. He's got feel he's got effort. He's going to get on the field next year in and be a big big contributor for some team go with Jonathan Taylor shocking. I know look. This is the most productive college football running back in his first three years. I three years in the history of college football one thousand nine hundred yard plus three straight years now. I know my man Melkite. Were sitting there going. But Louis doesn't catch the ball out of the backfield. He has ball security issues. But these are things that are correctable fundamental aspects of his game. It's something you can attribute to. Wisconsin bought security issue. Something he will be coached out. And I'll tell you this he's going to be whoever picks early on the second day and Lou. Jk Dobbins runs fierce ball. Juries improve hands have to get a little bit better in a couple of drops this year runner. He's as good as Jonathan Taylor and the Andrea Swift versus kid added Georgia figures. Look at Second Round. Picks as well swift to me. When you looked at completeness he checks. The box is now. He's not as dynamic in my opinion runner as Jonathan Taylor. He certainly doesn't have the ball security issues. He's good receiver. Not Maybe as good as Clyde Edwards layer went to the chiefs at the end of the first round last night. But all around completeness is running back wide and a second round normally should have been a first round pick but the priority now is running backs anymore. And I've been talking about that. Seems like for thirty years but I think all three of those backs Taylor swift and Dobbins will be great. Second round draft choices take from looks to go early in today's draft when round two gets underway according to milk hyper junior the strong arm. Jacob East and the best quarterback prospect left on this board last season sixteen percent of eastern pass attempts traveled twenty or more air yards actually a higher rate them. Both Joe Borough Bilo. The question will the Patriots. Bring in either of these guys. The question really is the Patriots. Just pick some players either way We faked are Mike. Reese Mike what can you tell us about the New England? Chances of ringing a quarterback at some point tonight. Wendy the Patriots. Have five picks. This is really the heart of their draft and specific to the quarterback question. It's interesting to go back to last night. There at twenty three and Jordan love is right there for them with this big quarterback question and they just trade right out of there. Which in part is a statement of confidence to what they have on the roster which includes Jarret Stidham but they still would like to add a quarterback told at some point in this draft. But here's two key points. They are not going to force it. Wendy. They have a lot of needs on this roster and the second point that was brought up to me as a unique position you know. Espn stats and information. Are Great Department pointed out that about twelve? Quarterbacks on average are drafted each year over the last decade so teams. Really only have a small handful of quarterbacks that that they would actually consider drafting in the draft so a lot of things have to fall into place similar like it did for the Patriots in two thousand fourteen. When Jimmy Garoppolo was there late in the second round my thank you and I certainly believe as well that New England won't force it. That's just really not in their DNA. Usually not how they do things. Foxborough Dan Orlovsky. I'll start with you and the Patriots quarterback situation. Would you take a quarterback? If you're in New England I'm Mike brings up a great point of the belief of Jarret Stidham kind of showed up last night gig from would be something that listen. If he falls to one of those four third round picks jake problem would be somebody that I think really fits New England. If you think about the things that the intangibles right that are totally in line. With what New England once Boso. He fits their style of offense. He's really good throwing the ball with in-between the numbers. He's in the pocket. He's got great command. He's a ball distributor. It's kind of your dinking dump. Stahl of quarterback with his ability to play point guard in in those regards. So I could see jake from you know but I don't think that New England needs. This is the way I look at it. Where did they have geared steam ranked coming out of the draft and they kind of elevated their belief in him and is there.

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