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It was just sort of a one time thing you know but Yeah maybe you need to be a group. I think they're in other groups have other groups but But you know. I just think that it was. I wish it was something that we had been doing all along because i it would have. I think it only enriches your life. You know if you're if you can click in right way I can see how this is something. That's there's there's just really no downside to it and it just is it's such a I just feel like it. It just uses your brain away that you don't normally get to and there's nothing bad comes to that. No there's not well. I know you want to play in person and i'm all for that but bob thank you so much for on the show sharing expense. Oh it's been so much fun even with the discord problems. This card was causing discord. Yeah well for me myself. And i and martha southgate thank you so much for listening to this week. Show mahalo and have a great day all right. Thank you so much. Thank you saw. That was nice. Thank you again. Thank you for listening to the kevin long. You can find the website. Southgate media group dotcom at southgate media group dot com. You can find us on facebook at the kevin long show. You can find us on twitter at lot. Kevin long s h one or you can just email us at belong. Show dot com..

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