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I WanNa talk about your advocacy work both as <hes>. The work that you did especially with education girls or the first lady, but also in regards to what you're doing now at times up. We've heard this phrase. Come up when you when you think about what you were doing with them Mrs. Obama, which is the importance of measurable impact. What does that mean? I learned that from her <hes> by the way because she was very clear with us that we were going to design initiative for her to spend her time on that. You know it had to have measurable outcomes. She was not one for just a feel. Good campaign writer just appear campaign and had to be something that people on the ground could actually see the results and yet I also knew that. That when you're dealing with somebody like the first lady when you're dealing somebody with with folks like people who have been committed to times, <hes> <hes>. You also need to do things that operate at scale because affecting just twenty or thirty people at a time wasn't going to be good enough <hes> and that's hard to do. It's hard to develop things that will operate at scale and yet have tangible measurable. Impact <hes> and that's sort of what we tried to do. Then with each of the initiatives that will be different. With let's move and joining forces for veterans and military families retire for kids to college, and then she reference, let girls learn which last one to support ellison education around the world, and then what I'm doing at times up right, which is also to be building better replaces that will finally end sexual harassment and supports interesting victims, not just one or two at a time, but it scale, and it workplaces across the country, and that's what I've been trying to do <hes>, but it takes. You know takes really some careful thinking about. How do you craft not just a PR campaign on around issue, but actual strategic changes that will have lasting impact. How do you think your leadership style has changed from the White House Two Times up. A lot of what? I learned at the White House. I'm actually applying at times up in ways that I had no idea that I was going to. I had no expectation I'd never run them out for profitable for lots of that proper poor. I've been donors of that for profits on one fulltime before. This is new, but I'm finding. There's a lot a trick that is transferable from the White House to this. Like I said I mean I didn't realize, but I do think of my time leadership race of our founders, people like O'Brien John Under vibes and Katie McGrath and others through multiple industries, not just entertainment who have put their brands behind times up to power times up there like Mrs Obama there my principals, they are these folks who have tremendous voices megaphones, and they are willing to commit them two times up to whom I owed. The obligation asked the CEO, now of building strategies and messages campaigns that are. Are Worthy of their platforms and the trust that they have put in need to do that and be smart about it, and then I owe it to the millions of workers out there who are working for design strategies that will actually work for them. That aren't just a twitter campaign that are things that will bring paid sick. Leave to up right to speak of the issue that we're currently working on so vigorously in the middle of the Kobe nineteen precious you know our goal, there isn't just A. Headline around you know paid sick leave, but we need to actually have paid sick. Leave provided not just during the crisis, but on a permanent basis for worst. Tens of millions of workers across the country I mean here's the thing you know. As we emerge from the crisis, we're going to have to deal with these issues and make sure these issues are baffert just nice to do things when times are good now these are essential workplace bay basic functions that need to be incorporated in how we build our workplaces. Even as we're rebuilding after this crisis, because for example, if every company had had paid sick leave when we went into the crisis, we wouldn't be scrambling right now. Right they would have had those costs already baked into their business plans? Workers would already know they had paid sick leave and it'd be able to take it right when they got sick. Eight is a really stark example about why these issues around building better workplaces for employees or not just nice to do things they are essential to build resilient workforce's and workplaces for the future.

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