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Thirty year old Christopher Brennan who wants Tara Lee Davis high school is facing possible three or cents this after pleading guilty to being involved in a hacking scandal involving celebrities Brennan, also allegedly hacked, former students and former colleagues as well. He was at Davis from twenty thirteen twenty fifteen it seems like it never stops raining here yet despite all that the state forestry department says they are worried that it's not going to take much to have a wildfire risk. In fact, the department's Fred Turks as a dry week which is forecast this week. We'll be all that's needed to dry out all the leaves and branches on the ground. Very very weather dependent. If we have a drive fall the leaves start coming down. We don't get any snow fall on it and those lease stayed nice and fluffy. It could be as dangerous that having a lot of leans after they fall, and you're driving your car, home and parking on top of a dry lease bed or a pile of leaves. Convert could start the those leaves on fire a large group of migrants having entered Mexico continuing to push forward in hopes of getting to the US border, thousands of Central American migrants are making their way through Mexico many from Honduras, and they say they're fleeing violence and poverty, the caravan stopping in top of Chula, Mexico overnight ABC's, Matt gut minutes there everybody here has been offered asylum by the Mexican government multiple times. But these folks thinks that that is a ruse by the Mexican government to try to deport them migrants vowing to make it to the US border. Where President Trump says he's ready to deploy the military to stop them. Kenneth Moton, ABC news, Washington. The unemployment rate in the Commonwealth now under three percent last time. It was that low was over eleven years ago in June two thousand seven Virginia has the lowest adjusted unemployment rate among the southern southeast eight we have the third best rate among the states, either east of the Mississippi and. Virginia is ranked eighth in the nation. We're tied with Vermont. Of all the fifty states Virginia employment commissions camera Buckler. However, he says part of the reason the way run down was because thirty four hundred people left the workforce, which means it wasn't completely attributable to job growth as the Saudis continue to claim journalists KOMO Jamal kashogi died in a confrontation and accident. There are reports the team of fifteen that came in from Saudi Arabia Turkey included, a body double CNN's being given what they say is surveillance video described to them by Turkish authorities. As one of the key suspects dressed in Hushovd. She's close leaving the back of the consulate shortly after he was killed. The man seen impersonating the writer now in Saudi custody. Saudi official telling ABC news, his body was handed over to someone local quotes for disposal, but claiming they don't know who that was all where the body is ABC's, Ian panel as I mentioned earlier it's been rainy year here while Texas is bracing for heavy.

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