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Zero and what a right to fit better thing your team in Washington DC put together memo I've got in front of me on this issue because though the U. S. pulled out of the J. C. P. O. a or the Iranian nuclear deal with not much of a deal what we found out now that is the truth and the truth is that this this this deal didn't prevent Iran from going nuclear for at least ten years it had a ten year provision on the sunset on the deal which means the deal could expire in ten years what what we now found out is that Iran even under the deal could go have a nuclear weapons capability in a year if they follow the deal if they follow the deal they could have nuclear weapons capability within a year at any moment they decided to drop out of it and and and under the deal itself I mean we were told we were told that this again that this was going to be you know it was good it really delay in Iran a nuclear weapon and we found that that's absolutely not true now it's two to three months yeah Jordan compliance with this deal was always an illusion I mean even or in there under the Rosie S. of descriptions that were given to us by the Obama administration they conceded that this is only a ten year deal that would sunset after which there would be no compliance requirements on Iran to Jordan we said from the very beginning that everything from the inspection regime to the how they were allowed to cover their tracks would allow them to be very close to enrichment even while pretending to comply with the deal the Jordan we know they never intended to comply and the pace with which they are now violating the deal confirms that even while the deal was in place Jordan they were not complying even as it was in place folks we are taking your phone calls one eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten what should the U. S. response.

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