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Protection system Debbie Elliot NPR news New Orleans labor secretary Alex Acosta is resigning after coming under heavy criticism for his role in a plea deal years ago when he was a US attorney in Florida handling an alleged sex trafficking case against the wealthy financier Jeffrey abstain president trump says he doesn't want secretary cost to leave I just want to get out this was him not me because I'm with them he was a tremendous talent is a Hispanic man he went to Harvard a great student add in so many ways I just hate what he's saying now because we're going to miss them but across his role in the light sentence I've seen god over a decade ago is under renewed scrutiny now that I've seen faces yet more charges of sex crimes against underage girls this time in New York I've seen has pleaded not guilty singer R. Kelly has been indicted on two separate sets of federal charges he was arrested in Chicago last night in here is Colin wire reports a Grammy winning artist faces a total of sixteen counts ranging from sex with minors to racketeering R. Kelly has long been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct but his arrest last night marks the first time federal authorities have handed down charges in Illinois where he's being held that fifty two year old singer has been accused of producing child **** and conspiring to obstruct justice meanwhile in the Eastern District of New York Kelly has been accused of racketeering and transporting under age girls and women across state lines for the purposes of sex these charges com in addition to an indictment handed down by state authorities in Illinois earlier this year his legal team has remained defiant however they say Kelly is looking forward to his day in court in the meantime he hopes to be released on bail next week college life NPR news New York this is NPR and you're listening to W. NYC I'm Jamie Floyd New York governor Andrew Cuomo is adding another task to the MTA's docket taking care of homeless people on the subway during a conference call on the MTA's reorganization plan Cuomo called the increasing number of homeless people on the subway a crisis it has been for a long term and it's only getting worse it affects service it affects riders and it affects homeless people almost as the upcoming reorganization that will provide the M. K. with more resources to support the homeless the agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment and the NYPD's top uniformed official says police officers should not be parking in bike lanes chief of department Terrence Monahan addressed the issue which is a constant complaint of many cyclists at an event in the green space last night we shouldn't be in bike lanes absolutely it because of the danger and it's something that we we address a cop still gonna go it it's going to happen on occasion and a guarantee if you go outside somewhere right now you'd find a cop talking a bike lane somewhere Monahan's comments come after increased criticism about the way NYPD take its cycle S. including at the scene of crashes involving cars and bikes fifteen cyclists have died this year from car crashes and the police are in the middle of a ticketing blitz focused on reckless drivers and bike lane violations for more on all things transit visit the we the commuters dot org and prosecutors in New Jersey man charged with plotting to burn down Saint Patrick's cathedral is not mentally fit to stand trial a judge in New York City says he will commit more collaborate load to a mental health facility for treatment and pope postpone the case indefinitely Morello was arrested in April after police said he took gas cans and lighters into the iconic cathedral his attorney attributes the incident to a psychotic episode and has a lot of a real has undergone mental health treatment.

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