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Fresh is you're you're getting leads all days i'm out there and i'm listening i go i'm trying to generate leads need to leads how does oxy fresh help the local franchisee generate leads because i know what it means to have one hundred hundred and thirty four thousand reviews nobody has one hundred thirty four thousand reviews but when you type in carpet cleaning quotes anywhere in the world oxy fresh comes up top in google and i'm sure you other things to help people generate leads talk to me about to us about how oxy fresh helps the local franchise owner to generate leads yeah very important specifically now in the day and age work acknowledges taking overprint mail is is becoming less and less of a way of getting business and what we realized several years ago is that we can't really expect our franchisees to be technology partners right i mean google changes or algorithms almost monthly and we gotta stay on top of that so one of the huge advantages is we take all that technology off your plate we basically build manage and maintain your local online presence in your areas from your website making sure they're up to date making sure the content is relevant to what you're trying to accomplish as well as your google pages we keep your google page is up to date as they change we change with them same thing with yelp same thing with facebook these are ever changing platforms that if you stay on the top of the analogy you will always be able to grab market share because this is the roadblock or huge hurdle for everybody else you're competing with right so we bring the technology you bring the effort that's a recipe for success now for oxy fresh marshall morris is joining us on the show he's the co author of our amazon bestselling book start here and marshall you see a lot of entrepreneurs we meet who put in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars into their startup and for fresh i mean mad if i'm coming in to buy oxy fresh today all in what does it cost me to buy an oxy fresh franchise yeah and there's some ownership styles that will dictate a little bit of fluctuation investment but you wanna be around fifty five to sixty thousand all in and that will i get everything from training quit ment product coaching programs everything you need to literally get your business get trained step outside and start doing jobs doctor z here full disclosure is.

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