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It doesn't mean anything you may feel like it. Justifies your decision and you know what it probably does because I think You should have thought of that. You should have scheduled. You shouldn't have committed to going to help move in this example when you when you had a game so manager schedule manager. This is your time being a good steward over the things you have including your schedule in your resources in your time attention and energy so when you say something it's worth its weight in gold because you've done it it time and time and time and time again and when you need to to withdraw from that relationship bank account you have the capital do and there's no question. I've got. I've got two who doesn't friends who I could call right now. If I needed something I needed help in every single one of them would rush to help why because I've invested in them because I care about them. I make connections for them. I lead with value. I helped them where I can not because I'm going to get something <unk> out of it but because I believe in goodwill. I like these individuals. They like me. I support them. I- edify them I- uplift them and if and when the day comes that I need them to do the same thing for me. I know that these men will be there for me so that's number what is at number five in the last one and I know this one's going to be a little controversial controversial but it is what it is number six. Don't be a bitch. Don't be a bitch and what I mean by that is don't be a punk. Keep things between you and your confidence confidential. It's where that word comes from. Keep it confidential. Keep it between you and him. Don't be a wigner. Don't be a complainer. Don't withdraw more than you invest in put in. Don't be an a hole or Dick. Don't make this difficult thing. Don't make it hard to be your friend and I'm not sure how much more specific I get the net at. It's sad that I may even need to get more specific than that but don't make it hard to be your friend. We all have friends like that. There's all people running in circles who are like that and you know exactly who I'm talking about. It's the guy who you like but he's really really difficult to be a friend for. Don't be that guy when you you make a commitment make a commitment. Don't withdraw more than you put it don't whine and complain in Bia Dick and being a hole and undelivered on on your promises and don't be week. Don't be week. I have this this theory that the reason that men push each other physically physically mentally emotionally the reason we've even bust each other's balls with jokes. The reason we do this is because I need to know who's going to punk out when things get hard and if you're so emotionally weak that you can't stand me giving you a little bit of a hard time or busting your balls when you do something stupid or getting after you a little bit when you don't uphold our commitments if you punk out during that time then I know you're weak and I can't have you in my battle because if I'm going up against something thing that is that is as difficult and challenging and potentially life threatening. I don't want you by my side. I want the guy that can stand beating. I want the guy who's emotionally early and physically and mentally resilient and tough and gritty and how do I find that out by pushing to amend..

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