A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Lead you mention zeke being everything perfectly his rookie everything all the pv fit perfectly everything fell into place so but this critique of he o of uh of that i just thought publicly skip especially for a quarterback normally you don't have to light fires upon the quarterback those guys the really good when are very motivated and like i said that strikes me as the guide this various and he said it himself i need to get better he's going to go into the lab he was on his good he little work on book will always put were hugo work on his accuracy so i'm not worried about that but the convert the conversation that that had with that became put that day jason garrett had that became public he could have had that very conversation with that and said you know what i talk to that there are some things that emu the work on he knows what he needs to work on we talked about it and i'm just gonna leave it at that but to say everything's cape correct which brings us back to your own opening point which is the one position you cannot scathingly publicly critique is that position quarterback is the hardest position to me by far right lane and all of sports is just hard man you got a process set him ablaze in a row like that with people trying to knock you on your tail yes trying to hurt you and after a while if it starts to go south your confidence did he loo i i told you thought in losing conference i think he did because he was getting rocked from his blindside and after a while you start to flinch a little i thought he love carvers in the guys because he saw that he didn't have garvey look at a gathering you look at it oba you look and if your quarterback injured golf and he's looking at all these weapons that he has he of uh todd girlie is going to be going for six weeks is boise qelya he's looking at kartha with nec any alshara making plays he urged wicket playff doors meal agile all his guy of making play all the effect you quarterbacks making plays a which he had he better rookie season.

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