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Opinions relative to the death penalty to rally as part of an annual gathering supporting the rights of those who lost someone to violent crime at the Orange County DA's office corporate Carson KFI is the mother of missing eight year old boy from corona has appeared in court in riverside. But Jillian Godfrey did not enter a plea to the child. Cruelty charges. She's facing her lawyer met with prosecutors outside of court, and they agreed to a one week delay. Cops Godfrey waited more than a week last month to reporter, son. Noah McIntyre, missing the boy's father has been charged with torture murder and child cruelty, though, the boy's body has not been found. The father has pleaded not guilty. Former homeland security secretary to Nielsen says she has been in talks with government officials and members of congress to ensure a smooth transition. Nielsen says she shares President Trump's goal of securing the border and will continue to support all efforts to address which he calls a humanitarian and security crisis. She quit her job yesterday in surprise move to most Nielsen and. President Trump toward a section of the new border fence and Calexico last Friday and sources in the groups say there didn't appear to be any problems though. Well, Trump spoke to a room full of border agents. Nielsen was seeing ducking out for a long period of time. Nielsen was the face voice of an embattled agency and was frequently held to task for the president's decisions on border enforcement, especially when there was an outrage over the separation of kids from their migrant parents children are not being used as we are trying to protect the children, which is why I'm asking congress to act the president appointed customs and border protection Commissioner Kevin Macalinsan as temporary head of DHS. Steve KFI news. And the man in charge of the secret service is out of the Trump administration. The president has picked career secret service official James Murray to lead the agency Murray is replacing Randolph Alice who served as chief of the secret services 2017 the Associated Press is his departure has to do with a personality conflict within the agency. The secret service is part of the department of homeland security..

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