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I'm Steve cave in its destination Iowa for President Trump and the democrat leaning in the twenty twenty presidential polls, Joe Biden political correspondent, Ed O'Keefe says Biden is set to go on the offensive. The former vice president is set to tell audiences that he believes Mr. Trump is quote, an existential threat to America. He will call out the president's decision to start a trade war with China, that he says is hurting, Iowa farmers. And he'll say that the president's recent trip to Europe was quote stunning display of childishness, Mr. Trump travels to a renewable energy plant in Iowa and GOP fundraiser Democrats in the house are pushing a resolution that makes it easier to sue the Trump administration and potential witnesses, who ignores subpoenas, New York's Akeem Jeffries are going to use every available means and our disposal to enforce our right to hold a potentially lawless administration accountable. California Republican Kevin McCarthy is blasting the maneuver, what happens is saying today that any future subpoena. They can go directly to court without congress even voting on a Florida. Judge says the Chinese woman arrested at mar-a-lago in March can act as her own attorney, a public defender indicated the Thirty-three-year-old woman has not met with a psychologist, but appears to be mentally competent Missouri's only abortion clinic will stay open for at least the next ten days as a judge reviews. The license that the state refuses to renew David Eisenberg of Planned Parenthood in Saint Louis, we are fighting every day to make sure we can take care of patients, but patients are already fleeing the state, which is an absolute ridiculous statement on the access to healthcare in the state of Missouri and governor parson in the department of health should be appalled by former Red Sox star. David Ortiz is back on familiar turf as he recovers from shooting wounds suffered in the Dominican Republic. CBS's mega Oliver is in Boston. Say Ortiz is in serious, but stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the back or teases doctors in the Dominican Republic said when he opened his eyes right after the surgery he.

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