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Showers and thunderstorms will increase in coverage from this morning into the afternoon hours of the high close to eighty the rain will taper off through the evening with an overnight low of seventy two a west start to October tomorrow with scattered showers and thunderstorms and a high of eighty five and another round of rain will be headed Tuesday with a high reaching the mid eighties. Again, I'm meteorologist Jeff marr from the Weather Channel and our greatest chance for rain going to be about lunchtime today. Seventy-three now from the Westside northside Lexus twenty four hour weather center. It's eight thirty one. Our top story in Montgomery County. Officials are looking for thirty four year old Nolan Goodman after a chase overnight while fleeing he shot at police officers, and they say he's armed and dangerous. A man shot and killed at a nightclub on west few quai- near FM five twenty one couple of hours ago Astros and the regular season in Baltimore one o'clock on sportstalk seven ninety and the Texans. Go for a win against the colts at noon news on demand at KTAR, H dot com, web another update at nine breaking news as it happens. I'm Nikki Courtney on Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio seven forty K T R H, Nikki, I still don't have an answer on this. It's driving me. Crazy red rivalry shootout. Well, not the radio shootout showdown now. I got pushback from one. Ginny Ginny, priest on emails and the Randy. No, no, no, I think Red River. Rivalry sounds a bit lame Red River showdown. Sounds tougher picture. This rivalry at the OK corral or showdown at the OK corral. Just saying. No. That is so Wimpy on your part. That is like politically, correct. I guess, but here's my problem with that football games. Are rivalry football games are not showdowns showdown would be like a chess match. I agree with a showdown might be harmed wrestling, I don't know. Thanks a lot. We're happy to see me on your. I expected total my.

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