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Hand writing checks. Classic Chevrolet Find new roads right to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, leaving a child in a hot vehicle can lead to their death very quickly. Last year, 24 Children died of pediatric vehicular heatstroke set reminders on your cell phone or placed something you'll need in the back seat. Look for your baby. Be before you. Lock paid for. By Nitsa Be Abie Forecast peeks of sunshine this afternoon with a high 79 degrees. It is overcast 70 at DFW Airport. This news brought to you by Reliant Air conditioning. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Governor Greg Abbott in the Texas gubernatorial race. Of course, that's not till November of next year. Prize of former president issuing that statement today. Abbott faces a challenge in the Republican primary from former state senator from Dallas. Don ho FINES Texas Democrats plan to walk out of the state House late Sunday to block passage of the voting bill, forcing Republicans to abruptly adjourned without taking a vote on the measure. Texas House Speaker Date Failing, says he knew the governor will call a special session for Senate bills seven knew for a fact that this is emergency item. And that he wanted done, you know, and we'll come back and it looks like we are coming back. Governor later confirmed that saying legislators will be expected to have worked out the details when they arrive at the capital for the special session. Bipartisan talks in Washington. Meanwhile, on an infrastructure deal are moving forward. President Biden will meet with West Virginia Republican Shelley Moore Capito tomorrow the latest direct talks between the president and Republican senator leading GOP negotiations. This week is considered critical and the two sides striking an infrastructure deal. Transportation Secretary Pete Booted jet set over the weekend. There needs to be a clear direction when Congress returns from recess next week. In addition to the size and scope of a bill. The two sides also remain divided over how to pay for new spending at the White House. Jared Halpern, Fox News, Texas, Mrs. Closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow up 46 points. NASDAQ Down 12 the S A P. 500 off by two Again the low Tonight 63. It is 70 degrees. This news also brought to you by Texas Farm Bureau. Mutual Insurance from the W B A P News desk. America Bushman Your Next update at five o'clock, 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com If you're back in the office or working from home feel free to listen on your computer at WB ap dot com wherever you want us whenever you want us use talking 20 w v P W b a p.

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