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How long ago now chad pennington man i love chad but after that shoulder injury is just kind of fell apart a little bit all right let's go on the other side of this i've had homework too because they took one of my favorite players in this draft melik jefferson i'm going with the bengals i love billy price in the first round then they go and get sam hubbard and league jefferson backtoback pigs they're just solid they address some needs and they drafted guys that i like poon afforded jason hall signed with the seahawks to texas boys is that change anything for you know because did in the first round penny for you no not at all okay that's good good to know okay jason hall jason good special teams player so i got okay so least favorite draft and again zone my favorite cities in the world i love the food of the culture the people the beer i hate the airport and i did not like their draft the kansas city chiefs i didn't get it i i liked armani watts at liked trade up for ed frazier defend outline means defensive linemen and they don't they drafted to defensive lineman in brooklyn speaks and derek nadi a small linebacker enduring oh daniel that he doesn't play their defense right i like their last three picks more than their first three or money whilst trauma smith and kill mackenzie who they're going to convert to guard i really like armani watts but other than that i'm with i don't really like their draft the draft that drove me absolutely nuts and day three they did make a couple of nights picks but the oakland raiders this has jon gruden all over it and not reggie mckenzie i thought colton miller was a fourth round tackle i thought pj hall who went in the second round was really a fourth fifth round kind of player the brennan parker pick and around threes absolute to trade up the trade up for him is absolutely puzzling with the talent that was on the board arden key is a complete roll the dice which is fine but i just wouldn't expect much longtime with the problems he's had and they rolled the dice on a lotta guys and the savior of this class might be maurice hurst and a fifth round and it doesn't we don't really know if he'll be able to play now he's.

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