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Will flip the switch and will be available on FM On jazz, Little BU fails. It's a bigger playing field man actually has two options yesterday. Your options. You know what I meant The listener. Hey, awesome. This is where we're at now, And I gotta say two things. The first one's about Rush Limbaugh. He's in bad shape a stage four lung cancer, and it doesn't look good. I post this. It's horrible experience if you know anyone that said lung cancer. People attacking him just destroying him on Facebook. You know, Larry, I think we talked about this. When my man Pinto was sick as a dog dying with pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer seriously? I remember the day People call him on the air and said, I hope you die faster. I look, I'm serious now. Again. These are the one percenters and not talk about wealth. I'm talking about rage. I believe in the greatness of humanity, and I see it every day with some of the get Marty stuff we've been able to accomplish and we have really big plans with that. But men Makes my heart ache that You could believe you could believe because I don't think people really do have such animus. Against someone guy came into my buddy Jeff Cohen and Jeff. You know, Jeff, really Weller. To his Delhi and said, I hate Marty Griffin. Although hell's he hate me. What did I do to this guy? So so and again. I don't take it personally, but my wife does. And if my mom and dad were alive, they would. My father would be apt to drive there and kick the guy's ass. You know, I'm saying But at the end of the day when we got to find a better place to be, don't you think then I hope you die faster. And this president. This president. Exacerbates that saying those things about Foulke. Man. I don't care how you feel politically. I don't care what damage he believes that cove it has done to him because he's so narcissistic. He believes that this is a covert against him, and it's hurt his chances to be president again, and I hope it has To say those things about a man that's dedicated. He's one for six. He's a legend, man. He's a living walking bronze. If you know what I'm saying, and to say those things about that man. Does that show leadership? How the hell could you vote for that? No, No, I'm serious. How the hell could you vote for that? Forget this crap about He gave me a tax cut. And I'm watching my money bra, Which is what I hear all day long. How could you vote for a man that says that sort of thing about a guy that served six presents? Despicable? Disgusting. I hope you die faster. Said these people calling my Pinto. Remember that letter? I do. Hope you die faster. My God. We have to find a better way to manage our feelings than to say these sorts of things with this president about Fauci want to talk about character in leadership and your willingness to swallow that and vote for Trump right off the top. Alright, Don't be angry. You know, You made that big announcement than this. What? 100.7 FM Big and 10 20. Friends over there now. My boy runs the station, he said. It's a great great opportunity for us. Seriously. He did, he said more. You're not gonna believe that people are going to listen to you now. I can't wait. I hope so. Yeah. You guys.

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