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Totally read that superintendents talked about it by the way so all right so i guess davis says smoke dorian. Show guys like where does this dude. How does he just lose complete training. Toss like this. Yo i have. I have like a world in my head. That i go to. Bobby's world remember that cartoon. When i was little used to call me that joe bobby's world was my sit. It was his name. Howie mandel who yeah. Yeah that was my shit back in the day we back to fucking elementary school middle school. Should james benita. So you read ken stones. I like forty. Oh okay so let's get the capstone says james but i'll be hold on. Let me let me see who's in line 'cause the last one we did was festina. Then we got to who high and low. We got the bobby got the ken. Stone all right. I'll take a forty year. Old packers forty year old. Floyd give me a forty year old foreman over forty year old ali. I hear what you're saying. Except floyd out had beaten two hundred plus twenty euros man and jake or get the fuck out selena. Logan wasn't no regular twenty year. Old dad dude was fucking jack to the gills man. I met vitamin call them. Mahara bali one. I know i know when you got hit at the top of the hair about with them. Big as hammerfest. That should talk to hit me but his what nobody can. Nobody comes one mayweather dave..

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