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The president used a visit to Kansas to urge people to wear masks regardless of where they live. Dr. Debra Burkes off the White House Corona Virus Task Force, said she is asking all communities world or urban to wear a mask inside and outside every day W on they'll Neuza, Daito to Steve Coming. Shut down D C protestors this morning stood outside Postmaster General Lewis to Joyce's apartment building in Kalorama. Protest comes is controversy over mail in voting continues Postal Service has told states in D C. It cannot guarantee it will be able to deliver mail in ballots and time for them to be counted. Meanwhile, the Maryland Board of Elections says it's taking steps to ensure if you mail your election ballot, it will get there in time to be counted. The board says it will start mailing ballots at least 30 days before Election Day. Using first class mail for them and applications for mail in ballots. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam calls the announcement quote a deeply troubling development in what is becoming a clear pattern of attempted voter suppression by the Trump administration. A U. S. Naval Academy midshipman is going to prison. A military panel found 25 year old Nixon Kayongo guilty of sexually assaulting three women who were also mid shipment at the time. He was sentenced to 25 years behind bars. He was also dismissed from service and we'll have to forfeit all pay and allowances. The pandemic has canceled a lot of things, but not the ocean City air Show. It's happening this weekend with some modifications. The air show will feature the F 22 Raptor F 35 Lightning two and 8 10 Thunderbolt, too, but how you'll get to see them is different due to the pandemic. This is show director Crist. Arado folks can certainly socially distance themselves. Um, in a in accordance with the CDC guidelines on the beach and on the boardwalk toe watched the show in a safe environment. The airshow also being streamed an airshow dot com complete with commentary, more really fun W e Mail and doubled my mail dot com WN Mayo News time is they go for traffic.

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