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Are you aware that Tony and Mike Tony and Mike one time and one of my favorite interviews ever had five good minutes with drew Rosenhaus? And they asked him. Do you have a soul? What do you say you went into agents week? Of course, I have a soul had us over a long time. You know, I'm my soul is very very precious. Everyone loves my soul, we probably shouldn't be doing this on air. But what if we did cells to God's his soul? Like where could we do this this or maybe for Jimmy V next year for charity? We soul, though, his soul. I like that. I like a t-shirt that actually sells his soul figure that out. But let's figure out how to get a working website. I can we do that very good. We've only had six months. I know how that's hard. You know, like to call go daddy. But we were overwhelmed as he show yesterday. We were right? We were overwhelmed by how many people rush to buy to buy merchandise? It was very very kind of you. We appreciate it. Okay. But I can't give you the website again because crash so I don't do that south beach sessions is where you go. If you want to hear the Jamal hill interview. This is how we're going to do that working. We're going to stumble around and this is all elaborate hoax. So that Stu gods can just get your credit card information, and this all ends with the feds rushing like a team of maybe seals and frogmen. And and some whatever the swat team that barricades doors. They're going to knock down our security guard. It's a Squatty fun. By the way. Thank you for crashing the site. That's good. I mean, it's bad because it doesn't work, but it's good. You crashed the site problem. If we didn't crash the site, right? It'd be a problem regardless. I we need you. Okay. In order. This is the idea. This is the business model. I'm gonna explain it to you real quick. I don't want to bore you. With the details. We'll get back to the sports stuff and a little while. But what we are hoping to do just lest you think that anyone that everyone here is as greedy as to got. Whoa. What we're trying to do is get some money from these these merged sales the shopping container get some money. So that we can pour it into more content that we can keep free for you and paying the people in the shipping container that are making that content because they're going to be working a whole lot. And Mike's not here today because he's had to go to the hospital. I'm looking to pour it into my pocket. I know you are which is why you and my agent will be having a conversation. Later. I'm trying to go. She ate with me for six months. I'm like, no, no, this will ruin everything do not negotiate with me negotiate with ESPN. Can you imagine Billy? How how how much of a beating would I take in trying to negotiate with Stu gods? It wouldn't go. Well, because you're nice, and you want to look out for to God's, but his demands will be completely unreasonable. And you're not gonna want him to be of sensibility to God's will this make you happy, you know, say yes. And then a week later. Correct. That's what I'm scared of that one, right? There is the one that I fear most. That's the one that ends it. Hip grinding. I got him for more. You're like, oh, man. He gave in on that. I could have gotten a few extra dollars. I can't believe it. Let Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it? Got there alarm..

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