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Move coming higher coming on the back of tuckey announcements coin based saying last week that it would purchase five hundred million dollars in bitcoin in today's announcement that pay how will let users in the uk trade digital currencies and it seems like whenever it passes some sort of milestone became the calls for one hundred thousand coming out sure yeah and even higher sometimes right momentum seems to get those price price calls out there lot. But let's remember what happened here in bitcoin. The seeds of this rally have been so weeks ago. And really what we've had. Is this adoption phase. That's what you're buying bitcoin. Is that going be adopted versus regulatory hedwig but when we had the budget deal crypto lobby became so strong that changed the regulatory headwinds to what potentially could be a tailwind. So if you're an institution who saying oh. There's a strong crypto lobby. This is actually being adopted and you look at the survey from deloitte which came out. Last week they're saying seventy six percent of their respondents. Think that That physical assets and physical. Money is on the way out and seventy three percent. That if you're not in crypto blockchain this new technology. You're going to be left behind so you're firmly in the. Hey we are. This is being adopted here. Stay but the good part is not everybody owns it yet because the market cap is to love so which coins at this point. Do you think the most value. Well i mean if i'm talking big caps you gotta think about a theory him. I mean they just changed their monetary policy. They're going to what's called proof of stakes and now you can actually have a declining supply curve in a theory in as well everything is being built on it right. So i've got defy built on it. We're going to talk a little bit about. Nf and board apes. People love to talk about that. That's being built. So i like that. I also think you can look at some of the competitors out there. Some of these that are gonna you're gonna build web three on so lana is one polkadot atoms. All of which i'm a. Yeah dan. that's an interesting thought. That the crypto lobby has shown its strength in squelching regulatory efforts and so therefore it may be safer to invest. We've heard a lot of people say that over the last week or so. We've talked to mike nova grads from galaxy digital. He mentioned that the other day. And it's actually a really good case. What you said while the news that we got wasn't particularly great he. He basically made the point. That washington heard this community In a big way. Listen i'll just say this. Bk's made this amazing case for institutional adoption has been making it for years. Really since the crypto winner in eighteen and nineteen. Well it's here and now we're seeing some really crazy speculation on the retail side. Those are the things that make me a little nervous. Not exactly about the coins but maybe some of these tea stuff in the near term reminds me a little bit of the craze in seventeen in the lead up to the. Is there all right. Well the recent boom has been a huge boon for the nfc space that news that visa. Purchase a crypto punk. Nfc for one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Sparking bursts of transactions in the digital artwork the total more than twenty million dollars in sales just in the hour after visa announced the initial purchase. Turn group operating partner. Jared dicker joins us now for deeper dive into the growing. Nfc environment jerry. Great to have you with us. Dan was making the comparison to. Ico's obviously a lot of them went away. So how do you sort of separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of nfc's value or just craze seen the biggest thing to focus on as it relates. Teases that for the first time in forever on the internet there is no ownership for digital goods. Everything for the past twenty years has always been able to be replicated whether that's music or art or content and the nfc model has really started to introduce is that there could be one of one's things could own they could be Be distributed and there's value against them. So i said the biggest difference between what we saw with. Ico's which was speculation around certain company is an nf tease which is the ownership of individual goods. Is that this is really tying to a bunch of like punch of trends. We're seeing a status and identity tied to nfc's we're seeing the ability to own and trade digital goods We're also seeing like the ability to open twenty four seven markets around these digital collectibles invaluable. So i'd say the big difference in nuance here is that it is for the first time ever on the internet putting value on digital goods How do you determine. Though that buying a digital rock let's say is going to be lasting value versus effectively buying the rights to a particular j. pag or the equivalent of one. I mean at this may sound like really elementary but to vast you know group of people out there. Buying additional rock just seems nuts. It is absolutely early days. I mean i'd say that we can say the same thing around certain things that are purchased in the physical world one way to really think about it is as we transition from physical to digital. In the internet age we really lost a lot of the monetization models and the values that we used to put on things physically because in the digital world those values were unable to be held. And now that we're seeing within of ts in this kind of introduction of these digital goods holding values we're starting to see a lotta those physical semblances start to come back into the internet and onto the web so again some people love rocks. Some people love board apes. Some people like crypto punks. A great thing about it especially for those that cannot understand why people would buy these things. Is that status and identity or really kind of tied to these like. Why do i wear a certain shirt or carry a certain bag. When i'm walking down the street people want to identify. They wanna join certain communities and access by buying these things whether it's iraq or aboard ape and making that your profile really brings a lot more value than just the digital get itself it opens up community. It opens up conversation. If you're an investor could.

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