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Close. In Christian Slater Don't me Much. More interesting It's been awhile since going close has, been in something hasn't it Oh yeah and she really. Gives a great performance in. This film she and Jonathan Pryce both they play husband and wife he's just been awarded the Nobel peace prize. For literature and they go to Stockholm to accept the. Prize together but you can tell that there's disquiet in her attitude she's really not, overly happy about what's happening and over the course of a movie you find out why there's a secret in their marriage that gradually comes, out under the prodding of an intrusive journalist played by Christian Slater. And by the end of the marriage is really in serious trouble, Glenn Close. Gives a. Remarkably controlled an effective performance as the? Wife Jonathan, prices very good is this author. Who's full of himself of course as he's receiving the Nobel prize this is a, classy movie when you get to, the big revelation, at the end you don't quite. Believe it frankly it seems implausible but the acting is, so good Along the way that you. Don't mind that this is a movie for adults and I think most you're more, mature viewers were really enjoy it, particularly watching close, and price have their scenes together All right thank you very much. Frank sweet tech you can see all of Frank's work at one guy's opinion dot com KLIF. News time seven twenty five an hour with another look at traffic, for your Friday morning driving pleasure here's Bill Jackson It's a big mess yet for thirty five in Dallas thirty finding northbound.

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