Saint Luke, Paul Edwards, Tennessee discussed on Mark Levin


Saint Luke's hospital where he died from his injuries I'm Paul Edwards for seventy seven WABC news calls to getting the closing time some polling so sites in Tennessee had to be relocated due to the damage from tornadoes five polling stations basically are converging on to this one so this is one of three super sites that have been designated by the Davidson county officials and you know it's we know that least eighteen polling stations which were damaged in some way because of the tornado and that's why you see some voters many of the voters are being redirected to this particular super side or the two other super sites to cast their votes and hence the long lines correspond amero Walker reporting from continuous coverage of super Tuesday as polls close follow along on WABC radio dot com spring training action yanked with the red Sox nine one miles with the Mets six one four cans of the ram you super weather center tonight rain possibly later on some could be some heavy thunderstorms during their low forty five tomorrow mostly sunny high fifty five the rams you super weather center fifty two in Central Park fifty four in east meadow I'm Bob brown next update at eight thirty twenty four seven coverage WBZ radio dot com WABC traffic and transit up next radio seventy seven WABC Bernie and sid in the morning training and informative Mike Bloomberg is going the whole NYPD under the bus with his I apologize for stop and frisk by the way this make any sense for him to be apologizing for it and yet taking credit.

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