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Officially here. And it's officially earth shredding cover of george michael's classic freedom let freedom riff sunglasses emoji. Get your americana looks at old navy and old navy dot com. So it's like they're you know they're usa stuff you know. Old navy is very into like july fourth aesthetic. so i kind of understand the freedom cover. I do love that. She's feeding the estate of george. Michael you know. I don't know get that money. But she's definitely like giving them some of it you know versus making up her own tune about like cap teas or whatever or like you know button up jeans or like or like terry cloth shorts. I don't know what they're selling this summer. I'm just making up different types of styles. But james instrumentally reminds me when i was at your apartment over the weekend. I was waiting for another one of our friends to get out of the bathroom and it was taking honestly forever. And if you're listening to this you know who you are and whenever. She came out of the bathroom. She looks being goes. My jeans are button up so sorry. I wore a jumpsuit and it had buttons all the way up the francois. Every time i went to the bathroom it was like a whole ordeal. And i forgot what that's like when you're you're full body is out when you're on the toilet and you're like this can't be the way it's gotta be a better way but the truth is there's no there isn't i just love. I'm going to play one of my favorite songs and then play it back to back with old navy just to show the disparity. It's really funny. So this is one of my favorite song. Hold on cbs. And then let's contrast that with old navy which is she's.

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