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It felt like in the nineties there was always a new story about John John Even if you weren't impressed by his good looks you probably heard that in January nineteen ninety-four John's mum Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was diagnosed with non Hodgkin's Lymphoma the disease progressed rapidly and she died at home with her two children at her side four months later on May Nineteenth nineteen ninety four she was sixty four years old jockeys death was a huge blow to John and to the Kennedy legacy the Queen of Kent Malang was gone but according to author Randy Tara Borelli it helped John Get the strength to finally end his dysfunctional relationship with the Darrelle Hanna. It also didn't hurt that John had already met another beautiful blonde woman her name caroline besets tear Borelli says Caroline came into the picture at the exact right time prior to Caroline said women that John has been involved with he measured by the standards of his mother I mean it was just a natural way of doing things you know if mom approved then maybe he it didn't so much approve in the sense that you know rebellious streak my kick in and he would glomming on even harder to a woman that his mother revolve caroline originally met John at a charity event in Nineteen ninety-two afterward John visited the Calvin Klein Manhattan store for where she worked to purchase three suits and caroline served as his stylist they didn't start officially dating for a couple of years but author Randy Tara Borelli says that John fell instantly for caroline when he first met her he confided to a close friend you know how you hear about meeting a girl and knowing instantly that she's the one well it happened to me so who was this woman that caught the attention the most desirable bachelor in America Caroline Psat was raised an hour away from Manhattan in Greenwich the largest town on Canal Etiquettes Gold Coast very exclusive and wealthy community home to many hedge funds and other financial service firms she was raised by her mother a public school administrator and stepfather an orthopedic surgeon she studied education at Boston University and after college worked as a publicist and stylist for Calvin Klein legend has it that she got her job with Calvin Kleins I in shop when she was spotted walking down the street which isn't all that surprising because of her statuesque figure and her striking it looks aside from her runway ready good looks people who knew her say she was much more than that she was quickly it'd charming self possessed and incredibly stylish in fact caroline became and remains a fashion icon Con Vogue magazine has described her everyday style as the mold for what is now the fashion editor outfit She taught us that classic silhouettes clean lines and solid colors never get old and last but not least she reconfirmed that quiet confident taste never goes unnoticed we still associate button downs pencil skirts Mino- Leblanc's with beset partic- clearly when there weren't together her simple yet elegant style is emulated to this day by people like Megan Markle the Duchess of Sussex and there are countless pinterest boards and instagram accounts dedicated specifically to caroline and her fashion choices john and Caroline were hounded by the pop Razzi from the very beginning their lives played out in the tabloids and after Caroline moved in John Photographers were constantly outside their TRIBECA penthouse loft waiting to capture photographs of their comings and goings caroline felt hunted and had a very difficult time adjusting to life in the spotlight according to author Randy Tara Borelli I this was something that was hard for John to understand because he grew up with it it's all that he knew he used to tell her you know welcome to the circus you know just be careful the clowns you know I mean I it and he was speaking of the Paparazzi and she felt that he could have been a lot more thoughtful and a lot more empathetic while he was researching for his book tear Borelli spoke to someone who told him that John had found a surprising way to slip past photographers Kennedy Family Hairdresser Lenny Holtzman told mm-hmm that John would sometimes call him up and tell him to bring a female disguise to the airport in John into the men's room and change into a female the skies.

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