Merchandiser, Five Weeks discussed on Masters in Business - Fred Fox: Dont Just Blame it on the Weather


Face skin all is weatheraffected any any anything we do outdoors lawn garden outdoor hiking activities all all of those things are highly affected by weather and so when you look at the impact the weather has on when we by how much we by what price we buy it at whether is involved in all of those purchasing decisions on an unconscious level you have me thinking about the things i purchase be it beat suntan lotion or the fact that i have the jeep 'cause i live in part of the world where when it snows and you have a regular car you sometimes in going anywhere without and i'm not a truck guy but let me tell you i don't even think twice about snow anymore all right it's going to love everything down but at least i know i can get to where i have to go right those sorts of decisions vessel absolutely and so we know there are seasons others fall spring winner summer but the timing of win those seasons start where they start affects enormous lee when and where and how much people by so for instance are this february in in the northeast was fairly mild are we had an early start to the spring season and in march came and march was downright cold freeze wet nastier and and so spending on normal springsummer stuff stopped for almost four to five weeks we had the same thing in the summer it was a suprisingly cool may in a ridiculously june right and so april came april was warm and and and nice in so consumer spending shot up in and make came and it was cold and wet again and so you know what took place in june even though june was a nice month to sell everything was selling at offprice because by that point everyone needs to get rid of merchandiser too late in the season so while retailers may have sold out of their inventories they sold a much lower price level than they would have had a solid march and so weather has an enormous effect.

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